What is the coldest temperature in Patna?

What is the coldest temperature in Patna?

On 7 January 2013, in early morning, the mercury dipped to a record low of -2 °C in Forbesganj, 0 °C in Gopalganj, 0.2 °C in Jehanabad, 0.7 °C in Vaishali, -1 °C in Patna and Muzaffarpur, as well as other cities. December and January are the coldest months in Bihar.

What is the minimum temperature of Patna?

Past 24 Hours Weather Data
Maximum Temp(oC) (Recorded. on 12/11/21) 29.2
Minimum Temp (oC) (Recorded. on 12/11/21) 17.6
Departure from Normal(oC) -2
24 Hours Rainfall (mm) (Recorded from 0830 hrs IST of yesterday to 0830 hrs IST of today) NIL

Which is the coldest place in Bihar today?

Gaya shivered at 3.6°C, which was six notches below the season’s normal and remained the coldest place in the state with the lowest minimum temperature. According to the daily bulletin issued, Dehri recorded a minimum temperature of 4.5°C, Madhubani 5.9°C, Patna 6°C, Purnea 7.2°C and Muzaffarpur 7.5°C.

What is the minimum temperature of Bihar?

Weather today in Bihar, India is going to be Sunny with a maximum temperature of 31°c and minimum temperature of 19°c.

Does Bihar have snow?

If dry weather is what you’re after, the months with the lowest chance of significant precipitation in Bihar are November, December, and then January. Weather stations report no annual snow.

Which is the hottest place in Bihar?

Aurangabad remained the hottest place in the state with the maximum temperature at 42.3 degrees C. Bhagalpur was the second hottest place with 41.4 degrees C. Similarly, the maximum temperature at Chhapra and Gaya were recorded at 40.6 degrees C and 40.9 degrees C, respectively.

Which is the hottest district in Bihar?

Bhagalpur and Rohtas remained the warmest places in the state with mean maximum temperature of 28°C.

Which is hottest place in Bihar?

Is Patna a Metro City?

Patna Metropolitan Region (Hindi: पटना महानगरीय क्षेत्र) is an official definition of the metropolitan area surrounding the Bihar capital city Patna in India….

Patna Metropolitan Region
State Bihar
District Patna
Major Urban areas Patna Danapur Khagaul Phulwari Sharif

Which is the coldest and hottest district of Bihar?

PATNA: Mercury mayhem continued unabated in Bihar with Patna designated as the hottest place in the country on Sunday with the highest maximum temperature of 44.4 degrees C, according to a bulletin issued by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

Which is the cleanest city in Bihar?


1 Amarpur 682.00
2 Ara 1241.39
3 Araria 917.00
4 Areraj 1357.00