What is the difference between 55 and 60 tires?

What is the difference between 55 and 60 tires?

Going from a 60 to a 55 series IF the tire is the *SAME width will: 1: Cause the speedo to read faster, as a 55 has more revs per mile/km. 2: Cause increased ride harshness. 3: Result in increased wear= Vehicle.

Can I use 215 60r16 instead 215 55r16?

yes it will be fine. you are changing the heighth of the sidewall, it will change the overall diameter of the tire/wheel combo and could potentially mess up the speedo reading.

Can I use 205 50r16 instead of 205 55r16?

The sidewall difference between the 205/50-R16 to the 205/55-R16 is 3.4%. So, when you’re speedo reads 60mph, you’re actually traveling 62mph. The stock in 16″ is 195/55 which is between 205/50 and 205/55, the speedo is optimistic with the stock size, so when you’re doing 60, the speedo actually reads 59.

What is 55 r on a tire?

55 is the two-figure aspect ratio. This percentage compares the tires section height with the tires section width. For example, this aspect ratio of 55 means that the tires section height is 55% of the tires section width. R indicates the construction used within the tires casing.

What does the 55 mean on a tire?

The “55” grouping is the aspect ratio and is by far one of the most misunderstood dimensions. This is the height of the sidewall from wheel to tread relative to the width. Manufacturer’s represent this measurement in a percentage, so in our example, the sidewall is 129.25 millimeters — 5.08 inches — tall (235 x 0.55).

Can a 205 60 r16 tires on 55r16?

Yes. It will have a slightly lower sidewall height, but should work fine.

Is it okay to change all four tires with a different aspect ratio?

Can I Change Tire Sizes? That said, the only dimensions you can change are the width and aspect ratio — never the wheel size, unless you buy replacement wheels — and you should always strive to keep the total height of the tire the same as the OEM.

What is the difference between 215 60r16 and 215 55r16?

Super Moderator. The 60’s have a height of 26.2 while the 55’s are 25.3. So speedo will be off about 3.5% and you’ll also have to consider if that additional height affects tire clearance in the wheel well.

What does the P stand for in P205 55R16 91h?

For example let’s look at a Goodyear Eagle, P205/55R16 89H The manufacturer of the product. The model of the tire. P identifies your tire as a Passenger Tire. The P. stands for PMetric.

What does 55R16 mean?

What do the numbers mean? The size breaks down into three numbers. Using our example size, 205/55 R16, this is what each number means: 205 is the width of the tyre tread in millimetres. This goes up in increments of 5.

Is 55 a low profile tire?

Generally, low profile tires are those with an aspect ratio of 55 or less, though this can vary slightly.

Which is bigger 215 / 55 R16 or 205 / 60 R16?

205/60-R16 tires are 0.37 inches (9.5 mm) larger in diameter than 215/55-R16 tires and the speedometer difference is 1.5%

Can you put 205 / 55r16 tires on a 16 ” car?

If your width (205mm) and diameter (16″) match the tires that came on the car, you won’t have fitment issues. However, a lower profile (sidewall height) tire may lead to a rougher ride. Yes it will be completely fine, in fact 205/55/16 are the most common 16″ tires.

What’s the difference between a 55 and 50 tire?

The difference in the diameter is .81 inch (24.88 vs 24.07 — 55 vs 50) or 3.2% smaller. The circumference is also 3.2% smaller, 78.16 vs 75.62. Revolutions per mile is 810.67 (55) vs 837.86 (50) and that is what causes the issue on the drive axle.