What is the difference between nun and jetzt?

What is the difference between nun and jetzt?

Jetzt is the adverb meaning ‘as of yet, now’ & nun is the modal particle/adverb ‘well, now’ respectively. Jetzt predominates as the adverb.

What does Suki mean in German?


Should you pull for Hu Tao?

We strongly recommend pulling this banner if you don’t have a Pyro DPS yet, as Hu Tao a top-tier DPS and it is unknown when you will be able to get her again. Xingqiu is also one of the best Sub DPS units, so picking up some constellations for him while you are pulling for Hu Tao would be a welcome bonus!

Who is the best healer for Hu Tao?


What role is Hu Tao?

According to the game’s lore, Hu Tao is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. She loves to cause trouble and is said to have a very ‘punch-able face’. What makes Hu Tao an interesting character is her elemental skill which allows her to enter the Paramita Papillo state.

Is Hu Tao a polearm?

The introduction of the new DPS Pyro polearm character Hu-Tao has made her peers outdated in Genshin Impact. She can easily pull off a massive amount of damage without much investment, which makes her an ideal choice.

What is Hu Tao Genshin?

Hu Tao (Chinese: 胡桃 Hú Táo, “Walnut”) is a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games. Buy Now from Fanatical. She is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

Is Hu Tao better than Diluc?

1 Winner: Diluc As flashy as Hu Tao is, there’s more to being DPS than high numbers. Other factors like ease-of-use, more straightforward damage and better tools make Diluc difficult to drop as a pyro DPS. Hu Tao’s numbers are bigger, sure, when it comes to practicality in-game, Diluc still takes it as a pyro DPS.

Is Diluc still good Genshin?

Yeah, he’s still great. My Ganyu out dpses him a little, but Diluc is consistent, very easy to use, and still stupid strong with the right supports, plus pyro+claymore is a huge advantage everywhere. Don’t give up on him.

Is Hu Tao the strongest DPS?

Hu Tao is the new highest DPS in the game and this is why power creep doesn’t really matter : Genshin_Impact.

Should I pull for Hu Tao If I have Diluc?

Not if you have Diluc. Hu Tao is certainly strong, she is technically a bit stronger than Diluc, but you would be much better off holding out with all those pulls for a 2nd main DPS carry of a different element or Venti in my opinion.

Is Hutao or Xiao better?

Hu Tao is better single target and near end-game, single target is what you want, and you get aoe in milllions for her burst, while xiao is a more consistent aoe character, while very inconsistent with single target COMPARED to Hu Tao.

Who is better Klee or Diluc?

Im under the impression Klee will always hit harder but Diluc has far better stats ( hp, attack and def), Klee does have Pyro bonus damage as her boost though, while Diluc is crit rate.

Should I roll for Klee?

Klee can deal heavy Pyro damage with her Catalyst, making her primarily an attacker. Our conclusion here is that if you already have Diluc, who fulfills a similar role, then there is no need to roll this banner.