What is the English word of Janma?

What is the English word of Janma?

/janma/ mn. birth variable noun. When a baby is born, you refer to this event as its birth.

What does Janam mean in Turkish?

loved one

What is Pradakshina called in English?

Parikrama means “the path surrounding something” in Sanskrit, and is also known as Pradakshina (“to the right”), representing circumambulation.

What is meant by Shikhara?

Shikhara, (Sanskrit: “mountain peak”) also spelled shikara, also called shikar, in North Indian temple architecture, the superstructure, tower, or spire above the sanctuary and also above the pillared mandapas (porches or halls); it is the most dominant and characteristic feature of the Hindu temple in the north.

What is Pradakshinapatha?

Answer: Parikrama or Pradakshina refers to circumambulation of sacred places to imbibe their energy in Sikh, Hindu, Jain or Buddhist context, and the path along which this is performed.

How many rounds should we go around navagraha?

When performing a pooja, offer prayer to the other Gods first and then do the Parihara to the Navagrahas. It is said that you should only go around the Navagrahas nine times on a Saturday.

What is the significance of Pradakshina?

The Lord is the centre, source and essence of our lives. We acknowledge this by performing Pradakshina recognizing him as the focal point in our lives and go about doing our daily chores. This is the significance of Pradakshina. Also, every point on the circumference of a circle is equidistant from the centre.

What is the circular path around the stupa called?

Pradakshina patha: Circular path around the stupa.

What do the stupa contain?

At its simplest, a stupa is a dirt burial mound faced with stone. In Buddhism, the earliest stupas contained portions of the Buddha’s ashes, and as a result, the stupa began to be associated with the body of the Buddha. Adding the Buddha’s ashes to the mound of dirt activated it with the energy of the Buddha himself.

Which is the most important part of a temple?


What is the slightly elevated circular path around the stupa used for Pradakshina called?


What is Shikhara class 6th?

Complete answer: Shikhara is the rising tower in the Hindu temple architecture of North India. It is also used in Jain temples. Shikhara is over Garbhagriha. Garbhagriha is the innermost sanctuary of a Hindu and Jain temple where the primary deity of the temple is kept.

What was the Garbhagriha Class 6?

The most important part of the temples was the garbhagriha, which was a room where the image of the chief deity was placed. It was at this place that priests performed religious rituals and devotees offered worship to the deity. The garbhagriha had a tower known as the shikhara built on its top.

What is a stupa for Class 6?

Stupa: It is a word that means a mound. Temple: It is a religious place for the Hindus. Shikhara: It refers to the tower of a temple.

Who were Samantas Class 6?

Samantas was a name given to big landlords or warrior chiefs in different regions of the Indian subcontinent, by the existing kings of the seventh century. They were expected to bring gifts for their kings or overlords, be present in their courts and also provide them with military support.

Who composed Meghaduta Class 6?


What is stupa answer?

Answer: A stupa is a ceremonial burial mound used for the veneration of Buddhist saints and relics, as well as the Buddha himself.

What is Tripitaka 12?

Tripitaka: Three books of Buddhist sacred text. Sanghe: Monastic order. Tirthankar: A great teacher in Jainism. Stupa: A Sanskrit word which means a heap. Stupa originated as a simple semi-circular mound of earth, later called ande.

How many stupas are there in the world?

Basically, there are five types of stupas based on the functions they are created to serve. The relic stupas serve as Buddha and the disciple’s burial place, the object stupas which house the objects of sacred importance to Buddhism that belonged to the Buddha or his disciples.

What is the biggest stupa in the world?


Which is the largest stupa in the world?

Jetavanaramaya Stupa

Where are stupas located?

Stupa III and its single gateway, Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh state, India. Buddhist stupas were originally built to house the earthly remains of the historical Buddha and his associates and are almost invariably found at sites sacred to Buddhism. The concept of a relic was afterward extended to include sacred texts.

Who destroyed Sanchi Stupa?

Emperor Pushyamitra Shunga

Are monks respected?

Interactions with Monks Monks are some of the most highly respected people in Thai society. People will give up their seats on buses for monks and be generally kind towards them in order to receive good karma. Women are not allowed to touch monks because of their commitment to celibacy.

Can you live in a pagoda?

Not every student who comes from the provinces gets a chance to stay at a city pagoda. “Only students with good backgrounds who come from impoverished conditions are permitted to stay here,” says Sao Oeun, head of the monastery at Mahamuntrei pagoda.

Are pagodas Chinese?

Most pagodas were built to have a religious function, most often Buddhist but sometimes Taoist, and were often located in or near viharas. The pagoda traces its origins to the stupa of ancient India. Chinese pagodas (Chinese: 塔; pinyin: Tǎ) are a traditional part of Chinese architecture.