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What is the family name for Group 17?

What is the family name for Group 17?


What element is in Group 17 and Period 2 of the periodic table?


Term Beryllium Definition 4 Be Group 2 Period 2
Term Chlorine Definition 17 Cl Group 17 Period 3
Term Xenon Definition 54 Xe Group 18 Period 5
Term Bromine Definition 35 Br Group 17 Period 4
Term Neon Definition 10 Ne Group 18 Period 2

What properties do group 17 and 18 share?

Group 17 contains halogens. They are highly reactive nonmetals. Group 18 consists of noble gases. They are unreactive and rarely combine with other elements.

Which element of group 17 exists as a solid at 25?

(i) Astatine is a Group 17 element (a halogen) and lies below iodine (I). Iodine is a solid so astatine will be a solid.

What are the two properties of most nonmetals?

Answer: The two properties of most non metals are high ionization energy and poor electrical conductivity. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is option “1”. In general it is known that nonmetals are very poor conductors of heat and electricity.

Which element is most chemically similar to chlorine?

The answer is that Bromine is the most chemically similar to chlorine out of the options, because Bromine and Chlorine are halogens. Halogens are a group of elements: Flourine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I) and Astatine (At). The elements of this family they all have similar chemical properties.

Which is the most active nonmetal?


Which family is the most stable?

noble gases

Which metal is the most active?


Which family of elements gains electrons most easily?


What kind of elements has the greatest tendency to attract?

The kind of element that has the greatest tendency to attract electrons are inert gases or noble gases, in the right side of the periodic table. It is because the nuclear charge is bigger for the elements in the right side of the periodic table, and inert gases or noble gases’ atom is the best to attract electrons.

Which element is hardest to extract electrons from?


Which group has the highest metallic character?

The alkali metals in group 1 are the most active metals, and cesium is the last element in the group for which we have experimental data. Francium is extremely rare and is radioactive, with the longest half-life at 22 min, so there is no empirical evidence that francium is the most metallic element.

Which metal has the highest threshold frequency?

At zero stopping potential the frequency of incident radiation is more to metal A. Both the metals have the same stopping potential at different frequencies and this frequency is more than metal A. So, metal A has a higher threshold frequency. Thus, metal A has high threshold frequency.

What is Platinum threshold frequency?

Ans: The threshold frequency of metal is 4.827 x 1014. Example – 09: The photoelectric work function of platinum is 6.3 eV and the longest wavelength that can eject photoelectron from platinum is 1972 Å. Calculate the Planck’s constant.

What is the threshold frequency of cesium?

The threshold frequency of Cs is 9.42×1014 Hz.

Does threshold frequency depend on the metal?

Threshold frequency is the minimum frequency of incident light which can cause emission of photo-electrons from the metal surface. Photo-emission of electrons is not possible below threshold frequency. Threshold frequency of particular surface depends on nature of its material.

What is the threshold frequency of copper?


What is the threshold frequency of calcium?

7.012×1014 Hz

Is threshold frequency the same for all metals?

1 Answer. Different metals have different values of work function because of difference in their electronegativity. The frequency of the photon with energy equal to work function is called threshold frequency. The value of photocurrent depends on the intensity of the falling radiation.

What is the threshold frequency for potassium?

The threshold frequency of potassium is 3 × 10^14Hz .