What is the famous sports in France?

What is the famous sports in France?

Popular sports in France

  • Sport is very important in France. There are some top international stars in many sports.
  • Football is the most popular sport in France.
  • Rugby is also very popular in France.
  • One of the four main tennis championships is “Roland Garros”, the French Open, played on clay and hosted at Roland Garros in Paris every year.

Is Sports masculine or feminine in French?


French English
1. sport games
2. sport (masculine noun) athletics (noun)
3. sport (masculine noun) sport

How do I write my name in katakana?

To write your name in Japanese, the easiest way is to find a Katakana letter that corresponds to the pronunciation of your Japanese name. For example, if your name is “Maria,” look for the Katakana character for Ma, which is マ, then the character for Ri, which is リ, and then character for A, which is ア.

What does furigana mean in English?

Furigana is a Japanese reading aid, consisting of smaller kana, or syllabic characters, printed next to a kanji or other character to indicate its pronunciation. It is typically used to clarify rare, nonstandard or ambiguous readings, or in children’s or learners’ materials.

Can you sound out kanji?

Kanji isn’t phonetic, like English, where you can put together English letters to make a word based on the sounds each letter makes.

Can you put furigana in Word?

In MS-Office, if you have a Japanese Input Method Editor selected in MS-Windows, select some Kanji and in the ribbon, under tab: home, section: font; click on the Phonetic guide, to bring up a dialogue that attempts to auto detect the furigana.

What does katakana mean in English?

The word katakana means “fragmentary kana”, as the katakana characters are derived from components or fragments of more complex kanji. Katakana and hiragana are both kana systems. Katakana are characterized by short, straight strokes and sharp corners.

Should I learn hiragana or katakana first?

You should learn katakana first. That will give you access to hundreds of words that often sound similar to words you already know from English and other languages, particularly in restaurants. Then you can learn Hiragana.