What is the German word for fitness?

What is the German word for fitness?

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English German
fitness centre Fitnessstudio
fitness fit,Fitness
fitness Gesundheit
fitness Fitness

How do you say health in different languages?

In other languages health

  1. Arabic: صِحَّة
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: saúde.
  3. Chinese: 健康
  4. Croatian: zdravlje.
  5. Czech: zdraví
  6. Danish: helbred.
  7. Dutch: gezondheid.
  8. European Spanish: salud.

What’s another word for good health?

What is another word for good health?

strength healthiness
sprightliness good trim
spryness stalwartness
wellness toughness
hardiness lustiness

What is the 10 words related to health?


  • fitness,
  • healthiness,
  • heartiness,
  • robustness,
  • sap,
  • soundness,
  • verdure,
  • wellness,

What is a healthy person called?

A person who is significantly conscious of their health. health freak. fitness freak. health nut. health enthusiast.

What are characteristics of a healthy person?

7 Characteristics of Perfectly Healthy People

  • Healthy and Thick Hair. Thin, branched, dry hair can be a marker of health problems, such as thyroid deficiency, stress, and malnutrition.
  • Strong Nails.
  • Healthy Teeth and Gums.
  • Body Mass Index is Balanced.
  • Enough sleep.
  • Social Interaction.
  • Healthy Diet.

What does a healthy person feel like?

When you are healthy, you will feel well: physically, mentally and socially. Being healthy means feeling your best, it’s not about how you look. Following a strict diet or exercise regimen won’t make you healthy — to be healthy you must care for your body and mind, as a whole.

What is the antonym for Healthy?

bitty, decrepit, neglected, corrupt, sad, weak, unhealthful, undernourished, inadequate, marginal, bad, declining, insolvent, delicate, adverse, varicose, Picayunish, hopeless, infectious, noxious, negligible, paltry, petty, petite, Languishing, sickening, pint-size, worn, failing, poor, indisposed, unsanitary.

What is another name for clean?

What is another word for clean?

spotless cleansed
cleaned scrubbed
washed immaculate
pristine polished
sparkling speckless

What’s another word for perfect?

What is another word for perfect?

flawless excellent
impeccable pristine
defectless faultless
intact irreproachable
mint optimal

What is the most perfect word?

“Cellar Door” One of the most famous theories comes from Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, who proposed in a 1955 speech that “cellar door” is the most beautiful word (or phrase) in the English language.

What is the opposite word of perfect?

Imperfect is the opposite of perfect. Imperfect comes from the Latin word imperfectus, meaning “incomplete.” If you have an imperfect knowledge of French, you might be able to order a coffee in Paris but not chat with the waiter.

What names mean flawless?

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Name Gender Meaning
Abhineet Boy Perfect
Achchhindra (अच्छिन् … Boy Flawless, Perfect
Achindra Boy Flawless; Uninterrup …
Ahsani Girl optimises,marblepape …

What names mean pure?

Along with Katherine, other girl names meaning pure in the US Top 1000 include Kate, Bianca, Gwen, Jennifer, and Zuri. The top boy name meaning pure or innocent is Finn. Along with Finn, other boy names with meanings related to innocence that rank in the US Top 1000 include Arjun, Gavin, and Xavier.

What name means perfect for a girl?

68 Baby Girl Names That Mean Perfect

Aimiah perfect Girl
Anilaja The name which means she is the perfect and beautiful one Girl
Anjaka A perfect and decorated individual Girl
Arieanna Powerful and perfect,complete Girl