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What is the greatest obstacle you are facing right now?

What is the greatest obstacle you are facing right now?

10 Biggest Obstacles Keeping You From Making Change Successfully

  • Facing the Unknown. We become comfortable with what is familiar.
  • The Need for Instant Gratification.
  • Misinformation and Getting the Wrong Advice.
  • Pressure to Conform.
  • Overthinking your Goal.
  • Limited Finances.
  • Questioning your Abilities.
  • Being Indecisive.

What obstacles have you overcome interview question?

How to answer the question

  • Be honest. Hiring managers can see straight through BS.
  • Be positive. Another important quality to show when answering this question is that you remained positive when overcoming a hurdle at work.
  • Use the STAR method.
  • Show how you work well under pressure.
  • Tailor your answer to the role.

What was the biggest obstacle you have overcome?

As I result I overcame my mental block, started to trust people again, and even started a relationship. It wasn’t an easy process, but I did not give up, and here I am, living quite a normal life now, and interviewing for a great job with you. My biggest obstacle was to get to vet school.

What is the biggest problem facing the youth today?

The Top 10 Issues Facing Youth Today

  • Single Parent Households. Since the 1950s, the numbers of the single parent households have significantly increased.
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse.
  • Growing Up Too Fast.
  • Violence in Schools.
  • Stress & Time Management.
  • Political & Social Issues.
  • Materialism.
  • Obesity.

What affects youth today?

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis and substance abuse are also becoming leading mental problems among the youth. Furthermore, reproductive health is one of the issues with the greatest impact on the youth. Some related problems and side effects include teenage pregnancies and abortion.

What are the problems of adolescence stage?

The most common problems among adolescents relate to growth and development, school, childhood illnesses that continue into adolescence, mental health disorders, and the consequences of risky or illegal behaviors, including injury, legal consequences, pregnancy, infectious diseases, and substance use disorders.