What is the Greek letter for gamma?

What is the Greek letter for gamma?


What language is abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?

n. the alphabetical script derived from the Greek alphabet through Etruscan, used for the writing of Latin and adopted, with modifications and additions, by the languages of W Europe, including English. Also called Roman alphabet.

What type of letter is L?

L, or l, is the twelfth letter of the modern English alphabet and the ISO basic Latin alphabet….

Writing system Latin script
Type Alphabetic and Logographic
Language of origin Latin language
Phonetic usage [l] [ɫ] [ɮ] [ɬ] [ʎ] [ɭ] [w] /ɛl/

What does L stand for in Latin?

It only coincidentally also stands for centum, the Latin word for a hundred. L = 50 — This value was originally represented by a superimposed V and I, or by the letter psi — Ψ — which flattened out to look like an inverted T, and then eventually came to resemble an L.

What is L short for?

Acronym Definition
L Liter
L 50 (Roman numeral)
L Line
L Local

What does 1000 mean in Latin?


What does NB stand for?

N.B. An abbreviation for the Latin phrase nota bene, meaning “note well.” It is used to emphasize an important point.

What does NB mean LGBT?

Not all gender-nonconforming people are transgender, and some transgender people express gender in conventionally masculine or feminine ways. NONBINARY A person who identifies as neither male nor female and sees themselves outside the gender binary. This is sometimes shortened to N.B. or enby.

What does NB mean in text message?

Nota Bene

What does NB mean in Chinese?

NB – niúbī (牛逼), an arrogant, annoying person, but also used positively for an awesome, impressive, person, similar to “badass”

What does ETC mean?

et cetera