What is the Greek word for metric?

What is the Greek word for metric?

The root of metrical is the Greek word metron, which means “measure.” Definitions of metrical. adjective. relating to the rhythmic arrangement of syllables. synonyms: measured, metric rhythmic, rhythmical.

What’s another word for abide?

Some common synonyms of abide are bear, endure, stand, suffer, and tolerate.

What is the best synonym for abide?

Synonyms & Antonyms of abide by

  • adhere (to),
  • comply (with),
  • conform (to),
  • follow,
  • goose-step (to),
  • mind,
  • obey,
  • observe.

Does abide mean submit to?

to submit to; agree to: to abide by the court’s decision. to remain steadfast or faithful to; keep: If you make a promise, abide by it.

What is a synonym for ablution?

ablution. Synonyms: washing, purification, cleansing, abstersion, defecation. Antonyms: pollution, soilure, defilement, dirt, contamination, taint, stain.

Is ablution in the Bible?

Ablution in the Bible The Bible includes various regulations about bathing: And whoever he that hath issue (a zav, ejaculant with an unusual discharge) touches without having rinsed his hands in water, he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the evening. (Leviticus 15:11)

What is the synonyms of abstruse?

SYNONYMS FOR abstruse 1 incomprehensible, unfathomable, arcane.

What is the synonyms of abortive?

SYNONYMS FOR abortive 1 fruitless, ineffectual, bootless, unavailing, vain.

What is the synonym of sycophant?

Some common synonyms of sycophant are leech, parasite, sponge, and toady. While all these words mean “a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker,” sycophant adds to this a strong suggestion of fawning, flattery, or adulation.

What is the meaning of abortive?

1 obsolete : prematurely born. 2 : fruitless, unsuccessful. 3 : imperfectly formed or developed. 4 : tending to cut short.

What is the antonym of irascible?

Antonyms: good-natured, unangry(p) Synonyms: choleric, hot-tempered, quick-tempered, short-tempered, hotheaded.

What does tetchy mean in English?

: irritably or peevishly sensitive : touchy the tetchy manner of two women living in the same house— Elizabeth Taylor †1975.

What is the antonym of malevolent?

What is the opposite of malevolent?

benevolent good
kind benignant
gracious compassionate
caring charitable
generous beneficent

What is a different word for malevolent?

Malevolent Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for malevolent?

malicious spiteful
vindictive evil
bitter rancorous
unkind malign
venomous hateful

What is the definition of malevolent?

1 : having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred. 2 : productive of harm or evil.

Is Hateful a synonym for malevolent?

In this page you can discover 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for malevolent, like: spiteful, mean, demonic, evil, vicious, venomous, villainous, malevolence, hateful, malefic and sinister.

Which is the best synonym for the word malevolent?


  • malicious, spiteful, hostile, evil-minded, baleful, bitter, evil-intentioned, poisonous, venomous, evil, malign, malignant, rancorous, vicious, vindictive, revengeful, vengeful, pernicious.
  • cruel, fierce, nasty, unfriendly, unkind, ill-natured.
  • literary malefic, maleficent.