What is the importance of Dede in the novel?

What is the importance of Dede in the novel?

All throughout the novel, Dede makes decisions that pave the path to her survival. She ends up being the bravest of the Mariposas, as she has to endure the painful life associated with having her sisters murdered. In the end, Dede emerges as a butterfly from her cocoon.

What is Dede job in the Time of the Butterflies?

Her role is to be the sister who survived, who lived to tell the tale. Let’s dig into who she is, why she didn’t join her sisters, and what she means to the novel.

What did Trujillo do in the Time of the Butterflies?

The dictator of the Dominican Republic from 1930-61, and the antagonist of the novel. Trujillo seized power as the head of the army and then rules behind puppet presidents.

What did Patria Mirabal do?

Realizing that creating a resistance movement required recruitment and organization of other like-minded citizens, Minerva and her husband organized El Movimiento 14 de Junio, a name derived from a group of Dominican exiles whose invasion to overthrow the government was set for June 14,1959.

How does Dede show courage in the Time of the Butterflies?

Dedé depends on a plan in order to have courage. She needs to know exactly what the revolution is fighting for and how they’ll get there. Unfortunately, no one is able to tell her, in detail, what the plan is. So her courage melts away with the idealistic, abstract thoughts.

How does Minerva change in the Time of the Butterflies?

Minerva Mirabal goes through metamorphosis like a butterfly, from egg to a larvae, then to a chrysalis, and finally to a blossoming butterfly. She changes immensely and gets other people of her country to aid her in defying the regime. She changes the life for her republic and for the people of her country.

Who is Dede most in love with?

Bélgica Adela Mirabal Reyes, who goes by the nickname Dedé, is the only sister to never join the resistance movement and to survive past 1960. She falls in love with the revolutionary Virgilio but never acts on her feelings and marries her non-revolutionary cousin Jaimito instead.

Who did Dede marry?

In 1948, Dedé married Jaime Fernandez, whom she described as “a violent and handsome man.” Their relationship lasted 34 years, 18 of which she said were good. They had three sons. Dedé remained a supportive spectator in the fight against Trujillo (by some accounts because her husband did not allow her to participate).

What did Mariposas do?

Calling themselves “Las Mariposas,” the sisters had formed a political group, the Movement of the Fourteenth of June, in opposition to Trujillo’s brutal regime. Their deaths mobilized the anti-Trujillo resistance, leading to his assassination the following year.

What happens to Trujillo at the end of In the Time of the Butterflies?

The revolution continues, Trujillo is assassinated, and the new president promises to rebuild the nation. But there is a coup, and Manolo dies fighting yet another revolution. Dedé must tell Minou that her father is dead. In 1994, Dedé is the oracle of the Mirabal story.

How does Maria Teresa change in the Time of the Butterflies?

Maria Teresa changes throughout Julia Alvarez’s novel In the Time of the Butterflies from an individual who values material goods and popularity to someone who values love for her family. This transition is portrayed through Maria Teresa’s diary, which is divided into three time periods.

How did Minerva show courage?

One of the sisters, Minerva, shows exemplary amounts of courage throughout the novel. She shows courage in various ways, such as Trujillo’s lecherous actions against her, protesting the government in prison, starting a revolution and lying to protect others.

What happens to Dede in the time of the butterflies?

After her sisters are murdered by Trujillo’s regime, Dedé becomes a kind of “oracle” for the butterflies, living in their house all her life, raising their children, and telling their story to the world. The In the Time of the Butterflies quotes below are all either spoken by Dedé or refer to Dedé.

Who are the Sisters in the time of the butterflies?

We also see glimpses of each sister’s character – Dedé is practical, María Teresa is naïve, Patria is religious, and Minerva is outspoken and rebellious. It is significant that Dedé’s future is the only one really predicted, which foreshadows the other sisters’ later fates.

Is the book in the time of the butterflies true?

In the Time of the Butterflies is a fictionalized account of the revolutionary activity and personal lives of the Mirabal sisters and their families and compatriots in the Dominican Republic under the Trujillo regime.

Who is the interview woman in in the time of the butterflies?

Dedé is used to interviews like this, especially on November 25th, the anniversary of her sisters’ deaths, but this is March. She grudgingly invites the woman over. Alvarez uses the “interview woman” as a stand-in for herself and as a way of introducing the story of the Mirabals to U.S. readers.