What is the meaning of cucumber?

What is the meaning of cucumber?

cucumber in American English

  1. a creeping plant, Cucumis sativus, of the gourd family, occurring in many cultivated forms.
  2. the edible, fleshy fruit of this plant, of a cylindrical shape with rounded ends and having a green, warty skin.
  3. any of various allied or similar plants.
  4. the fruit of any such plant.

What does Asinity mean?

Definitions of asininity. noun. the quality of being asinine; stupidity combined with stubbornness. see more. type of: folly, foolishness, unwiseness.

Is cucumber an English word?

cucumber | American Dictionary a long, thin vegetable that has a dark green outer skin and is pale green inside: Cucumbers are usually sliced and eaten raw in salads.

What does ass9 mean?

1 : extremely or utterly foolish or silly an asinine excuse.

Is Asine a bad word?

The word has one s because it’s derived from the Latin asinus, “ass; donkey”. There’s nothing remotely vulgar about the word. As for connotation, it imparts an air of contempt. Asinine means ‘extremely stupid or foolish’ and is perfectly acceptable in a school context.

What are the benefits of cucumber?

7 Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber

  • It’s High in Nutrients. Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important vitamins and minerals.
  • It Contains Antioxidants.
  • It Promotes Hydration.
  • It May Aid in Weight Loss.
  • It May Lower Blood Sugar.
  • It Could Promote Regularity.
  • Easy to Add to Your Diet.

What does cucumber emoji mean?

? Meaning – Cucumber Emoji The cucumber emoji may also be used as an emoji for a pickle or gherkin. Cucumber Emoji can also be used to refer to salads or a healthy manner of eating. It can mean “My parents love eating raw cucumbers.” or “Let’s make a salad!”.

What does ? mean in Snapchat?

? Gold Heart: Congrats, you are best friends with this person on Snapchat. You both send the most snaps to each other. Red Heart: You both have been each other’s best friend on Snapchat for at least two weeks. ? Smile: This means that the person is one of the people you message on Snapchat most frequently.

What does this emoji mean ??

The Skull and Crossbones ☠️ emoji conveys poison and death, quite literally: it’s often the symbol to indicate poison on a product. Meanwhile, the Skull emoji ? has a more fun feel … even though it still can be used when talking about death. The human skull has long been associated with death and creepy things.

What does ? mean on Tiktok?

Use of the moai emoji is usually meant to imply strength or determination, and it’s also used frequently in Japanese pop-culture posts. …

What is an asinine person?

foolish, unintelligent, or silly; stupid: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such asinine statements.

What do you call a ignorant person?

Frequently Asked Questions About ignorant Some common synonyms of ignorant are illiterate, unlearned, unlettered, and untutored. While all these words mean “not having knowledge,” ignorant may imply a general condition or it may apply to lack of knowledge or awareness of a particular thing. an ignorant fool.

What’s a big word for dumb?

What is another word for dumb?

stupid dense
witless dim
dopey dull
idiotic ignorant
imbecilic obtuse

Is asinine an insult?

Asinine is a perfectly acceptable word that can be used anywhere. It is in no way obscene. extremely stupid or foolish.

What is another word for annoying?

What is another word for annoying?

irritating bothersome
infuriating nettlesome
nettling pestilential
pesty plaguey
rankling rebarbative

What is a annoying person?

Someone or something that is annoying makes you feel fairly angry and impatient.

How do you annoy someone?

75 Crazy Ways to irritate people!

  1. Give missed calls. Always.
  2. Borrow someone’s phone to call and to talk for hours.
  3. Reply with K and Hmm.
  4. Refer someone they hate as their best friends.
  5. Listen songs on speaker phone.
  6. Send Candy Crush requests on Facebook.
  7. Forward chain messages.
  8. Call your friend uncle or aunty.

How can I annoy a girl?

9 Sure-fire Ways to Annoy a Teenage Girl

  1. Assume You Know Everything About Her. She is very complex.
  2. Reorganize Her Stuff Without Asking.
  3. Comment on Her Looks Excessively.
  4. Don’t Reply to Her Messages.
  5. Call Her Hormonal.
  6. Call Her a Term of Endearment.
  7. Grow an Adolescent Mustache.
  8. Wear Clashing Patterns.

How can I annoy a boy in chat?

  1. Interrupt him while he is playing games.
  2. Draw on his face to annoy him while he’s sleeping.
  3. Ask him to choose what to do for the evening.
  4. Do not respond to his texts.
  5. Tell him about random guys flirting with you.
  6. Indulge in PDA on social media.
  7. Talk about things that gross him out.
  8. Disturb him while he is watching a movie/TV.

How do you annoy someone without them knowing?

Subtle Mental Manipulation. While in conversation with someone, hand them whatever you’re holding. 9 times out of 10, they will take it without knowing why. Conversely, if the person you’re talking to is holding something, and you hold out your hands, they’ll likely give it to you.

How do you secretly annoy someone?

100 Ways to Annoy People

  1. Get to know a friends bookie and place bets for them.
  2. Accuse people of “glue sniffing addictions” in public.
  3. Call other people “Champ” or “Tiger.”.
  4. Drum on every available surface.
  5. Sing the Batman theme incessantly.
  6. Staple papers together in the middle of the page.
  7. Ask 1-800 operators for dates.