What is the meaning of qualle?

What is the meaning of qualle?

noun. jellyfish [noun] a kind of sea animal with a jelly-like body. She was stung by a jellyfish.

What does Liebchen mean in English?

Liebchen (noun): A person who is very dear to another (often used as a term of endearment).

Is Levi German AOT?

Other than Eren and Armin, there are nine other characters that were found to be German. One, Levi, was found to be Israeli, and Ymir was found to be Nordic, and the last character, Hanji Zoe was unknown. So, out of the 15 characters, 12 were found to be European.

Is Eldia German?

The Eldians in Attack on Titan are not Germany, though I would associate SNK with WW1.

Is Levi from AOT white?

He is not. Ackerman and Asians are unrelated. Mikasa is Asian from her mother’s side and Ackerman from her father. Mikasa’s partially Asian because of her mother, who was part of the Azumabito family, the family that’s known as the “Asian clan inside the Walls”.

What race is Eren?


Does Gabi kill Eren?

After killing dozens if not hundreds, Zeke made way for Eren to reach him, but Gabi Braun was not about to let the pair do what they want. The girl armed herself with a rifle at last minute and decapitated Eren with a devastating blow.

Does Eren really hate Mikasa?

Eren accuses Mikasa of blindly following his orders because of her genetics, and he despises this lack of free will. In fact, Eren claims he always hated Mikasa for following him around and doing whatever he asked, and points to the headaches she suffers as proof the Ackerman bloodline is to blame.

Is Eren evil now?

Chapter #130, titled “Dawn For Humanity, revealed that our once well-intentioned, heroic protagonist has continued his fall into a more villainous role. Now, the truth has finally started to reveal itself; Eren Yaeger IS the ultimate villain of the series.

Will Mikasa end up with Jean?

Your question says “most likely”, so no. Mikasa is not “most likely” to end up with Jean. Because she is madly in love with Eren, she is most likely to end up with Eren!

Why is Eren hated?

The show would’ve been be better without him, with only Mikasa as a lead. The main reason for the dislike is that the character is too angsty, too explosive, and too focused on revenge and freaking out. It makes him annoying.