What is the meaning of the word Sadia?

What is the meaning of the word Sadia?


Who is Sadia in Islam?

Hazrat Halima Sadia was the wife of Harith Abu Zowaib and daughter of Abdullah bin Harith. She had a five-year-old daughter named Shaima and an infant named Abdullah. Halimah and Shaima are very popular names among Muslim ladies. The quality of life of this family changed because of our prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

What does Sadia mean in Farsi?

A Quranic Name for Girls

Short meaning of Sadia Happiness, Laughter, Joy and Delight | Successful See below for detailed meaning
Arabic Spelling (How to write Sadia in Arabic) سعدية
Quranic Nature (Learn more…) Indirectly Mentioned

What does Sadia mean in Urdu?

Sadia name meaning is “princess”. Sadia name meaning in Urdu is “شہزادی”.

What Salma means?


What is meaning of Umme Salma?

Name of the beloved mother

What is meaning of Rizwan in Urdu?

Rizwan name is a famous Muslim baby name which is often preferred by parents. Rizwan name meaning is “complacency”. Rizwan name meaning in Urdu is “رضا مندی”.

What is the mean of Rizwan?

Rizwan (Arabic: رضوان‎) is an Arabic name and surname. It may refer to: Rezwan, Rizwan or Ridwan, the angel in charge of maintaining Jannah or Paradise in Islam.

What is the meaning of Faisal in Urdu?

Faisal name meaning is “The decider” or”the ruler”. Faisal name meaning in Urdu is “فیصلہ کرنے والا، حاکم”.

What is meaning of Uzma in Urdu?

Uzma is a Muslim Girl Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Uzma name meaning is Smart Lady, and in Urdu it means سمجھ دار خاتون. The name is Arabic originated name, the associated lucky number is 3.

What does Uzma mean in Islam?


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