What is the meaning of Zenith in Islam?

What is the meaning of Zenith in Islam?

Description: The term zenith is derived from an Arabic expression meaning direction of the head or path above the head. Zenith is sometimes also used to refer to the highest point that a celestial body reaches during its orbit at a given point of observation.

What does the word Zenith mean?

1 : the point of the celestial sphere that is directly opposite the nadir and vertically above the observer — see azimuth illustration. 2 : the highest point reached in the heavens by a celestial body.

What is the best synonyms for Zenith?

other words for zenith

  • altitude.
  • apex.
  • climax.
  • crown.
  • culmination.
  • eminence.
  • height.
  • payoff.

Is climax synonym of Zenith?

In this page you can discover 86 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for climax, like: highest point, acme, peak, highest degree, culmination, pinnacle, summit, decisive moment, crown, intensification and zenith.

What are the synonyms for climax?


  • turning point.
  • apex.
  • climacteric.
  • height.
  • orgasm.
  • payoff.
  • pitch.
  • zenith.

What is the meaning of climax?

the highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of something; culmination: His career reached its climax when he was elected president. (in a dramatic or literary work) a decisive moment that is of maximum intensity or is a major turning point in a plot.

How do you know if it’s first person?

In Short. If the text uses “I,” “we,” “me,” “us,” “my,” “mine,” or “ours” as pronouns, then you have a first-person point of view. If it uses “you,” “your,” or “yours” as pronouns, then you have a second-person point of view.

What words should not be used in third person?

Avoid using first person pronouns—“I,” “me,” “my,” “mine,” “myself,” “we,” “us,” “our,” “ours.” When you’ve finished writing and are self-editing your first draft, make sure to check for POV consistency. In third-person limited , remember that the narrator only knows what the character knows.

What is third person example?

The third-person pronouns include he, him, his, himself, she, her, hers, herself, it, its, itself, they, them, their, theirs, and themselves. Tiffany used her prize money from the science fair to buy herself a new microscope. The concert goers roared their approval when they realized they’d be getting an encore.

How do you introduce an essay in third person?

The third-person POV never includes “I” statements. Instead, the writer uses a neutral (or “omniscient”) voice that avoids personal statements and focuses on facts and/or descriptions. For example, “This essay will argue that children should be allowed to choose their own bedtimes.”