What is the message of the story marigolds?

What is the message of the story marigolds?

The main theme or message in the story “Marigolds” is the importance of empathy and compassion. In the story, Lizabeth is reflecting on a crossroads in her life, an incident that marked the change from child to woman.

Why does Lizabeth plant marigolds?

Years later, the story ends with Lizabeth coming full circle and also planting Marigolds. She plants them because it helps her remember to be compassionate to others. She plants them because like Miss Lottie, the marigolds give Lizabeth a small thing of beauty in a world that is too often ugly.

What does it mean to truly grow up marigolds?

B Growing up means accepting responsibility for your actions. Explanation: Lizabeth is the main character in the short story “Marigolds” by author Eugenia Collier. The garden, full of marigolds, is the only beautiful sight to be seen around the neighborhood.

What is the main conflict in marigolds?

The conflicts of Marigolds are internal and external. The internal conflict is Lizabeth versus herself emotionally with innocence, compassion, growing up, and accepting responsibility. The external conflict involves Lizabeth and the poverty and rough times while growing up.

How do the events in water never hurt a man?

The events in “Water Never Hurt a Man” changed John by the end of the story because: He becomes more confident in his ability to be a driver boy on the canal. From a boy who is constantly afraid of being scolded and doing his tasks wrong, John becomes more like his father.

How does John’s father change from the start of water never hurt a man?

How does John’s father change from the start of “Water Never Hurt a Man” to the time they arrive at the locks? He is more confident in his maneuvering of the boat through the canal. He becomes more agitated that they will be late delivering the load of plows.

How does John change after the fight with the other driver boy?

The correct answer is John has gained a new confidence in himself and wants to continue through the locks. Explanation: John is now a braver man than he used to be, after the fight with the other driver boy.

Why does Lizabeth destroy the marigolds Brainly?

Lizabeth destroys the marigolds to release the anger/frustration she feels about her life. After Lizabeth hears her father crying, Lizabeth belives “I too could cry and be comforted.” Sadly Lizabeth has no source of comfort, so she lashes out on the marigolds to show her anger.

What was the strangest part of Miss Lottie’s home?


What does Lizabeth’s parents interaction in the middle of the night mainly reveal about Lizabeth’s father answer choices for the above question?

Her parents interaction reveals that her father though he is poor and jobless is a proud man and have self respect . He did not want to accept help from others. The Marigold flowers that Miss Lottie tends and grew in her front yard of her broken house symbolizes to see and accept the beauty even in worst conditions.

How is Elizabeth affected by her relationship with her parents in marigolds?

How is Lizabeth affected by her relationship with her parents in “Marigolds”? Lizabeth is ashamed of her parents because they cannot provide a nice home for their family. Lizabeth loves her parents but she misses them because they are focused on working or job-hunting.

What is the setting of the short story marigolds?

“Marigolds” takes place in a rural African-American community during the 1930s—a time of racial segregation, poverty, and limited opportunity. This setting offers important clues about the development of the story’s theme, or underlying message.

What is the conflict in the short story marigolds?