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What is the moral of the story Thumbelina?

What is the moral of the story Thumbelina?

The moral of this story is clear that we will encounter many problems and obstacles in our life. Many of doing something that we don’t want, but as long as we are true to ourselves, honest and kind, just like Thumbelina, we will overcome these obstacles and in the end get what is best for us.

Who helped Thumbelina to get away from the mole?

She is finally given shelter by an old field mouse and tends her dwelling in gratitude. Thumbelina sees a swallow who is injured while visiting a mole, a neighbor of the field mouse. She meets the swallow one night and finds out what happened to him.

What could Thumbelina do very well?

With everything she had to endure, Thumbelina has remained good and fair. Thumbelina always thinks first of someone else’s happiness, and then on her own. All she wanted to do is to be fair and free everybody from suffering. Her goodness is rewarded in the end when she met the Little Prince, also the size of a thumb.

What is the setting of the story of Thumbelina?

Thumbelina lives inside of a beautiful flower, but is soon stolen away to become the wife of a frog. The story’s setting changes when Thumbelina and the bird fly to a land that stays warm all year around. The bird later returns to Denmark, where the story begins.

What is the theme of Thumbelina?

Lesson Summary The tale of the tiny girl explores many themes, from kindness to greed. Several characters are motivated by greed in wanting Thumbelina for themselves. Another theme is peer pressure, as the cockroach questions if Thumbelina is as pretty as he thought she is just because his friends say she is ugly.

Who does Thumbelina marry?

There, Thumbelina meets a tiny flower-fairy prince, who is a match for a maiden of her size, and the two fall in love and marry. Thumbelina becomes Maia, and accompanies her new diminutive husband on his travels from flower to flower.

Is Thumbelina a princess?

As Thumbelina gives up hope, the ice thaws and Cornelius appears. The two marry, and at the wedding, Thumbelina is granted wings and became a fairy princess. Thumbelina and Cornelius live happily ever after.

Is Thumbelina scary?

This so-called “family entertainment” is actually the stuff of nightmares.

What is the moral lesson of the princess and the pea?

A moral is the lesson that a story teaches you. The Princess and the Pea is a fairytale that warns the reader about the dangers of jumping to conclusions without all the facts. This is shown through the illustration of the old queen who does not believe the sopping wet girl at the gate could be a princess.

Who slept on a pea?

But she said nothing, went into the bedroom, took off all the bedding and laid a pea on the bottom of the bed. Then she took twenty mattresses and laid them on the pea, and then twenty featherbeds of eiderdown on top of the mattresses. That was where the princess was to sleep for the night.

Which quotation from The Princess and the Pea encompasses the climax of the story?

Oh, very badly