What is the opposite form of fortunate?

What is the opposite form of fortunate?


What’s another word for fortune?

What is another word for fortune?

riches wealth
affluence opulence
capital estate
mint pile
wherewithal worth

What is the synonym and antonym of fortune?

Synonyms. circumstances failure good luck luck tough luck providence luckiness misfortune destiny condition lot good fortune fate portion ill luck bad luck. Antonyms. good luck good fortune success misfortune bad luck.

What is the antonym of jealous?

Antonyms of JEALOUS benevolent, altruistic, undesiring, contented, tolerant, trusting, generous, kindly, kind, charitable, permissive, content, unworried, undesirous, well-meaning, calm, trustful, well-disposed, satisfied, understanding, friendly, undemanding, unresentful, kindhearted, confident, undoubting.

What fortune means?

1 : a large sum of money. 2 : what happens to a person : good or bad luck. 3 : what is to happen to someone in the future I had my fortune told. 4 : wealth sense 1 They are a family of great fortune.

What do you mean by good fortune?

Definitions of good fortune. noun. an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes. synonyms: good luck, luckiness.

Does Fortune mean luck?

Even when fortune is used as a synonym for luck, fortune always refers to a positive consequent of chance. Words like misfortune, ill fortune refers to bad luck. In addition, fortune also refers to prosperity and wealth. It can refer to a large amount of money or assets.

Is fortune good or bad?

Someone who has a fortune has a very large amount of money. Fortune or good fortune is good luck. Ill fortune is bad luck.

Is good fortune good luck?

Being fortunate is similar to luck, but with a key difference. Good fortune adds a level of control to random chance. Being fortunate means you created your own luck.

What is the difference between fortune and luck?

The nouns luck and fortune are synonyms. They have the same meaning, but fortune is more academic. It has Latin roots. Generally, the two can be used interchangeably.

What is fortunate time?

adjective. having good luck; lucky. occurring by or bringing good fortune or luck; auspicious.

Is fortunate better than lucky?

Lucky: “Having, or attended by, good luck. In early use often, Fortunate, successful, prosperous. Now with narrower meaning: Favoured by chance; successful through causes other than one’s own action or merit.” Fortunate: “Favoured by fortune; possessed of or receiving good fortune; lucky, prosperous.”

What is the difference between fortunate and unfortunate?

As adjectives the difference between unfortunate and fortunate. is that unfortunate is not favored by fortune while fortunate is coming by good luck or favorable chance.

Is it less fortunate or unfortunate?

The difference between Fortunate and Unfortunate When used as adjectives, fortunate means auspicious, whereas unfortunate means not favored by fortune. Unfortunate is also noun with the meaning: an unlucky person.

What is the meaning of Unfortunate?

1a : not favored by fortune : unsuccessful, unlucky an unfortunate young man. b : marked or accompanied by or resulting in misfortune an unfortunate decision. 2a : infelicitous, unsuitable an unfortunate choice of words. b : deplorable, regrettable an unfortunate lack of taste.

What does the less fortunate mean?

It is commonly used to describe poor people. ” The less fortunate find Christmas particularly difficult.”

Who is a fortunate person?

The definition of fortunate is someone or something that is lucky or favorable, or someone who is materially well-off. A lucky turn of events is an example of a fortunate turn of events. A person who will be a good spouse is an example of a fortunate match.

What are the less fortunate called?

1. Poor, impecunious, impoverished, penniless refer to those lacking money.

How fortunate I am meaning?

1 having good luck; lucky. 2 occurring by or bringing good fortune or luck; auspicious.

What does muttering mean?

1 : to utter sounds or words indistinctly or with a low voice and with the lips partly closed … he gestured and muttered furiously in his lawyer’s ear.— Tana French. 2 : to murmur complainingly or angrily : grumble Some employees muttered about the changes in the pension plan. transitive verb.

What word is happiness?

An agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from good fortune or propitious happening of any kind; the possession of those circumstances or that state of being which is attended enjoyment; the state of being happy; contentment; joyful satisfaction; felicity; blessedness. …