What is the passive voice of He wrote a letter?

What is the passive voice of He wrote a letter?

Explanation: Here,’A letter’ is the object of the sentence in active voice, so in the passive voice it sits as the subject. was /were + Third form of verb. That’s why ‘wrote’ in active voice is replaced by ‘was written’ in passive voice. e’I’ sits as ‘me’as object in the passive voice.

What is the passive voice of did?

The primary auxiliary verbs do, does or did does not appear in the passive form. The verbs has, have, had, will, shall, can, may etc., do not change their position at the beginning of the sentence when the active voice is changed to the passive voice.

Which connective is used in interrogative sentences?

Answer: Interrogative sentences beginning with an auxiliary verb are changed into the indirect speech by using the connective if or whether.

What sentences are interrogative?

Have can be used to express actions in the past, present and future. In the interrogative form, we start with do followed by the subject, have and an object (the sentence ends with a question mark). In the third person singular, we use does.

What is an interrogative?

English Language Learners Definition of interrogative (Entry 1 of 2) : having the form of a question rather than a statement or command. : used to ask a question. formal : asking a question : having the form or force of a question.

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