What is the rising action in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

What is the rising action in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Rising Action The Watsons drive to Birmingham, Alabama and meet Grandma Sands. Byron’s behavior improves, while Kenny becomes more mischievous.

What happened in chapter 3 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

In Chapter 3 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963, Kenny makes friends with Rufus Fry. Rufus and his brother Cody are poor and have only a few changes of clothing. They also don’t bring any lunch to school. Larry Dunn and the other kids make fun of the Fry brothers because of this, and Kenny joins in.

What happens in Chapter 11 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Chapter 11 Kenny falls asleep in the car for a long time; when he wakes up everyone except for his father is still asleep, and there is something wrong with the record player. It seems to be stuck, playing the same line from “Yakety Yak” over and over.Il y a 4 jours

Who saved Kenny from drowning?

Let’s keep digging. Later in the story, Kenny almost drowns while swimming in the lake at Grandma’s, but Byron saves his life.

What happens in chapter 2 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

In this chapter, Kenny gives us the lay of the land for Clark Elementary School. Larry Dunn is the king of Kindergarten to fourth grade. He’s king because he’s bigger, stronger, and older than everyone else on account of flunking two or three grades. If Larry is king, then Byron is a god.

Why is momma so mad at Dad?

Momma was mad at Dad because he Driven then into a crazy darkless stop instead of a motel.

Who is LJ Jones Why do you think Kenny is friends with LJ even though LJ isn’t nice to him?

LJ Jones was Kenny’s old friend that used to play Dinosaur War with Kenny. I think Kenny is friends with LJ, even though he isn’t nice to him, because I think that playing dinosaurs alone for Kenny would be boring, considering there are two sides, the Nazi and the Americans, since he would have no one to play with.

What did Larry take from Kenny?

This proves what everyone already suspects: Larry stole Kenny’s gloves and colored them black so no one would know. Kenny feels helpless. He knows Momma is going to notice his missing gloves, but it’s already his second pair.

What is Kenny’s nickname in the book?

Weird Watsons