What is the size of a bale of pine straw?

What is the size of a bale of pine straw?

How big is a standard bale of pine straw? Unfortunately, there is no standard bale size. We bale a 13”x12”x27” (2.43 cubit ft.) bale that loads 1386 bales on a 53′ trailer.

What is the standard size of a bale of straw?

Size. A standard size bale should be 14 inches high, 18 inches wide and between 36 to 40 inches long. The modified post and beam construction that we design for our houses and buildings are design to accommodate this size of bales.

Are there different grades of pine straw?

There are 3 major types of Pine Straw and one B-Grade product: 1. Premium Pine Straw – ( 14 Inch Pine Needle Mulch – a.k.a. – Longleaf Pine Straw, Long Needle Pine Straw, Pinus Palustris ) – The thickest needle with the heaviest wax coating resulting in extreme durability.

How many sq ft will a bale of pine straw cover?

35 to 45 square feet
A bale of pine straw covers about 35 to 45 square feet depending on the depth.

How do you calculate bales of pine straw?

Multiply the length times the width of each of your beds. Then add all your totals up and divide by 100, then multiply by 3 and that is the number of bales you will use.

Is pine straw cheaper than mulch?

While pine straw may be a cheaper option than mulch short-term, it may end up costing you more money in the long run. Pine straw needs to be more refreshed than mulch. That means you may end up spending more money on pine straw since you need to buy it so often.

How much does a 2 string bale of straw weigh?

40 to 75 lbs.
Rectangle Bales

Size Dimension(L x H x W) Weight
2 stringed bale 36 inches x 19 inches x 16 inches 40 to 75 lbs.
3 stringed bale 44 inches x 22 inches x 15 inches 100 to 140 lbs.
Half ton 6 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft 1000 lbs.
1 Ton 8 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft 2000 lbs.

How big is a 2 tie hay bale?

8. Commonly available bale sizes: two-string, 14 inches(36cm) high x 18 inches(46cm) wide x 35-40 inches(91-96cm) long, weighing about 50 pounds(40 kg); three-string, 16-17 inches high x 23-24 inches wide by 42-47 inches long, weighing about 75 pounds(60 kg).

Which pine straw is best?

What type of pine straw should I use? Speaking from the perspective of one who has both sold and used pine straw for nearly thirty years, I have found that the southern long leaf pine straw is typically the most desirable.

Is pine straw better than mulch?

Pine Straw Mulch Benefits Pine straw mulch is lighter weight than bark mulch. Additionally, it breaks down slower than bark materials, which means its benefits last longer. Once it does begin to compost, the nutrient content in the soil increases. Pine straw mulch benefits also include improving soil tilth.

How do I calculate how much pine straw I need?

Take the total square footage of the your area, and divide it by 45. That’s how many bales you should count on to cover the area. For example – if you have 4500 square foot of bed, you would need 100 bales of pines straw. Take your total square footage, and divide by 160.

How much does a bale of straw cost?

Most farmers tend to buy large straw bales as they will likely get a good deal. Large square bale ranges from $40.00 to $90.00. Large square bale cost is averaged at $64.

How big is a standard bale of pine straw?

How big is a standard bale of pine straw? Unfortunately, there is no standard bale size. We bale a 13”x12”x27” (2.43 cubit ft.) bale that loads 1386 bales on a 53’ trailer. We also bale a 13”x12”24” (2.16 cubit ft.) bale that loads 1638 bales on a 53’ trailer.

What kind of bales of pine are best?

While square pine straw bales are great for mostly every application, homeowners and landscaping professionals are now choosing round pine straw bales. Round pine straw bales are perfect and ideal for large scale landscaping projects.

When is the best time to bale pine straw?

We bale both slash and long leaf pine straw. The slash is available year round, and the long leaf is currently available only six months out of the year (December – May). What is “long needle” pine straw?

Why are pine needles used for straw bales?

This straw bale is made of slash pine needles and resists heavy rains to help prevent soil erosion. The straw bale allows for nutrient absorption and aeration while protecting plant roots during almost any season.