What is the synonym and antonym of generosity?

What is the synonym and antonym of generosity?

ˌdʒɛnɝˈɑːsəti) The trait of being willing to give your money or time. Synonyms. bounteousness bigheartedness generousness liberalness unselfishness stingy bounty liberality kindness charitableness ungenerous generous. Antonyms. illiberality stinginess selfishness stingy unkindness generous.

What is the best synonym for generosity?


  • bighearted,
  • bounteous,
  • bountiful,
  • charitable,
  • free,
  • freehanded,
  • freehearted,
  • fulsome,

What are synonyms for generous?

Generous synonyms

  • unselfish. Not selfish; selfless; generous; altruistic.
  • kind. Gentle; tractable; easily governed.
  • liberal. Tending to give freely; generous:
  • munificent. (Of a gift, donation, etc.)
  • thoughtful.
  • bountiful.
  • beneficent.
  • spirited.

What’s another word for kindness and generosity?

SYNONYMS FOR kindness 1, 3 benignity, benevolence, humanity, generosity, charity, sympathy, compassion, tenderness. 2 good turn.

What words are related to kindness?

  • beneficence,
  • benevolence,
  • benignancy,
  • benignity,
  • compassionateness,
  • good-heartedness,
  • humaneness,
  • kindheartedness,

What is the antonym for kindness?

intolerance, illiberality, interference, selfishness, thoughtlessness, animosity, injury, indecency, disinterest, obstruction, ill will, callousness, malignity, hurdle, blockage, coldheartedness, unconcern, greediness, toughness, meanness, unkindness, cruelty, grimness, hindrance, unfeelingness, hostility, self-seeking …

How do you use the word kindly?

“Kindly” can be an adverb, a word that usually describes a verb. If your teacher says, “Kindly hand in your homework,” she is using kindly as an adverb to make a polite request. Another way to use the word as an adverb is: The animal doctor always treats our pets kindly.

Is kindly a rude word?

“Kindly” can be an awkward term, especially in email. It has a snarky, sarcastic, old-fashioned sound to it, as in “Kindly send payment at your earliest convenience” or “Kindly refrain from contacting me again”. There is nothing intrinsically negative or rude about the word; the definition is simply “in a kind manner”.

What can I say instead of kindly?

What is another word for kindly?

benevolent kind
helpful sympathetic
benign generous
tender benignant
considerate beneficent

What can I say instead of please?


  • amuse.
  • charm.
  • cheer.
  • entertain.
  • gratify.
  • satisfy.
  • tickle.
  • wow.

What is difference between Please & kindly?

“Please” is used more in casual & spoken English while “kindly” would be more formal way of communicating particularly in official letters.

Is it OK to use kindly?

Please, never use the word “kindly” when interacting with Americans. In the view of Americans, only English-speaking Indians use this word. It comes across as low-brow, patronizing, and overly sensitive.

Is it correct to use please and kindly together in a sentence?

Usually, you would not need to use both of these in the same sentence. Please and kindly are both used to be more polite to other people. Having them together would only make sense if you really wanted to emphasize how important it was to be polite.

Is kindly a formal word?

“Kindly” I rarely see this word in formal emails. If you are still using this word, it is best you stop. It is old-fashioned and seemingly antiquated. It is better you use “please” rather than “kindly.”

Is it correct to say kindly please?

Both the adverbs are used in polite requests, and one of the meanings of kindly is please. In a sentence like “please kindly send me a copy of your paperwork,” please and kindly are redundant. In a sentence like “will you kindly sign the enclosed copy of this letter,” kindly is often used ironically.

Can you please or can you please?

Both are correct. The first is more direct, and the second is more polite. Could you please . . . gives slightly more room for refusal than Can you please . . .

Can you please example?

Examples: “Could you please move this box?” “I could, but I am really busy right now.” “Could you please pass that paper.” “Sure, I can.”

Can you please sounds rude?

If you ask someone to do something in a rude or controlling manner, saying please does not make it OK. And by adding the word please, it can come off as both patronizing and condescending. In the same ways it can be misinterpreted for exactly the same reasons, even though you might think it to be a fair request.