What is the synonym of pleased?

What is the synonym of pleased?

What is another word for pleased?

happy delighted
tickled elated
grateful overjoyed
blissful euphoric
joyful joyous

What is mean by pleased?

happy or satisfied: a pleased expression. Mom was not pleased when she saw my grades. (I’m) pleased to meet you. A person may say (I’m) pleased to meet you as a polite way of greeting someone when they meet for the first time.

What is a synonym for feeling pleased?

glad. The definition of glad is feeling pleased, happy, satisfied or grateful.

What is the synonym of delighted?

Synonyms for delighted. agreed (with), contented, feasted, gassed.

What can I say instead of happy?


  • cheerful.
  • contented.
  • delighted.
  • ecstatic.
  • elated.
  • joyous.
  • overjoyed.
  • pleased.

Which is the best synonym for to delight?


  • pleasure, happiness, joy, joyfulness, glee, gladness, gratification, relish, excitement, amusement.
  • bliss, rapture, ecstasy, elation, euphoria.
  • transports of delight.
  • humorous delectation.
  • rare jouissance.

What is meant by delight?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a high degree of gratification or pleasure : joy children squealing in delight also : extreme satisfaction seems to take delight in the misfortunes of others. 2 : something that gives great pleasure her performance was a delight.

What is a bliss?

noun. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment: wedded bliss. Theology. the joy of heaven. heaven; paradise: the road to eternal bliss.

What is the biblical definition of delight?

To “delight,” says Webster’s Dictionary, is to “take pleasure” or “to give keen enjoyment” or to “give joy or satisfaction to.” Therefore, to delight in God’s Law/Word is to “take pleasure in the Word of God.” In simple words, it means we enjoy the Word.

What does it mean by Delight yourself in the Lord?

How to Delight Yourself in the Lord. The word delight is a verb. It is an action of taking great pleasure in God, to please Him or to be His pleasure. When a man’s heart is tender toward a woman, in wooing her he will want what he is, does and says to be pleasing to the woman; he is delighting himself in her.

What is the difference between joy and delight?

As nouns the difference between delight and joy is that delight is joy; pleasure while joy is a feeling of extreme happiness or cheerfulness, especially related to the acquisition or expectation of something good.

What does it mean the Lord delights in us?

God’s power ensure victories that will further His kingdom. God delights in us because we praise Him. Because of God’s love for us, He devised the plan of salvation to restore our relationship with Him. God sings a song of joy over us.

Does God really give you the desires of your heart?

a) The LORD will become our heart’s desire. In that sense, God will give you the desires of your heart. And as you delight in the LORD more, you also get to know more of His character and are able to trust Him more. In those verses, the Psalmist desires God above all things.

How does God feel when praising him?

He dispenses joy, peace, love and faith during praise. He shows Himself in all His glory. Praise keeps you in His presence and it sends away negativity including fear and worry. You can’t be in God’s presence and not experience peace.

What does the word delightful mean?

: highly pleasing a delightful surprise enjoyed a delightful brunch.

What is a delightful person?

If you describe something or someone as delightful, you mean they are very pleasant. It was the most delightful garden I had ever seen. Synonyms: pleasant, pleasing, charming, engaging More Synonyms of delightful. delightfully adverb [ADV adj/-ed]

What does endearing mean?

: arousing feelings of affection or admiration an endearing habit/quality …

How do you use delightful?

Delightful sentence example

  1. It was a delightful surprise.
  2. What a delightful boy he was!
  3. The town is delightful ; much nicer than a mythical Idaho location they’d like me to believe.
  4. Alex was a delightful companion.
  5. “That’s delightful music!” said he.
  6. It was going to be delightful cooking in this kitchen.

How do you use pleased in a sentence?

Pleased sentence example

  1. I was pleased by his candor.
  2. I’m pleased she’s helping you.
  3. She was pleased with anything which made a noise.
  4. He looked pleased with himself until he saw Carmen.
  5. Dean was pleased with the opportunity.
  6. He was pleased with himself.
  7. I am pleased that she turned out the way you wished.

Is delighted formal?

The examples in the left column are more formal. The right-hand column shows the less formal equivalent….When we agree to a request someone has made.

more formal less formal
I would be delighted to … . (delighted = very happy) I will be happy to … .

How can a person be delightful?

5 tips on how to delight and be a delightful person (and why it matters)

  1. Know yourself. Delight is not a form of flattery, but instead a form of honesty and authentic self-presentation.
  2. Know your audience.
  3. Use authentic humor.
  4. Be bold.
  5. Leverage the fun of surprise.

Who is diplomatic person?

The definition of diplomatic is someone who can be sensitive in dealing with others and who can achieve peaceful resolutions or facilitate discussion. A person who doesn’t take sides in a fight but who instead helps others to resolve their differences is an example of someone who is diplomatic.

How do you use delighted in a sentence?

Delighted sentence example

  1. She laughed in a delighted way.
  2. The little girls were delighted to see the lovely shells.
  3. He looked up at the opening door and his expression of sleepy indifference suddenly changed to one of delighted amazement.
  4. Everybody was delighted with Helen.

What can we do to make your experience at work a delightful one answer?

So here are 6 savvy ways we use to make our customer service reviews better than satisfactory and you should too:

  1. Make ‘delighting’ your customers a priority.
  2. Value every customer.
  3. Think like the customer.
  4. Harness the power of word-of-mouth.
  5. Promote self-service.
  6. Delight your own employees.

How do you delight?

23 Ways to Amaze and Delight Your Customers

  1. Always Try to Do Better.
  2. Anticipate Customer Needs.
  3. Deliver Beyond Customer Expectations.
  4. Be Consistent Across Channels.
  5. Continually Ensure Your customers Value What you Offer.
  6. Eliminate Dissatisfaction (So You Can Focus on Loyalty)
  7. Empathize with Customers.
  8. Empower your Employees.

How do you ensure customer delight?

Let’s review how you can follow these steps to stay one step to ensure Customer Delight.

  1. Focus on providing great experience to existing customers.
  2. Identify Customers’ upcoming needs and problems.
  3. Employ an effective Feedback mechanism.
  4. Identify your detractors and work on your feedback.

What is the difference between customer satisfaction and delight?

Satisfaction has many levels whereas delight is the pinnacle of satisfaction. While satisfaction is about meeting customer expectations, delight involves surpassing it and taking the entire experience to an emotional plane.

How would you define customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is defined as a measurement that determines how happy customers are with a company’s products, services, and capabilities. Customer satisfaction information, including surveys and ratings, can help a company determine how to best improve or changes its products and services.

What is customer satisfaction example?

In this fashion, customer satisfaction examples can act as positive marketing instead of negative. Customer Retention Is Cheaper: Finally, it is always cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones. This is one of the most important types of customer satisfaction.

What is customer delight with example?

Customer Delight, the final stage in the inbound methodology, is defined as surprising a customer by exceeding his/her expectations and thus creating a positive emotional reaction. Satisfied customers use your product, but delighted customers are loyal and actively promote your brand through word-of-mouth.