What is the synonyms of quick?

What is the synonyms of quick?

(Idiomatic) Instantaneous, very quick. Find another word for quickly. In this page you can discover 93 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for quickly, like: speedily, flashing, hastily, swiftly, hurrying, hurriedly, shooting, rapidly, rushing, bolting and darting.

How do you spell Quik?

quik at Dumbtionary.com. The word listed above (quick) is probably the correct spelling for the word that you entered (quik). This is just an educated guess based on commonly misspelled words.

What does Quikly mean?

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Is Quik a word?

No, quik is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Za allowed in Scrabble?

Yes, za is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is quo a word in Scrabble?

Quo qua quo, that is, “quo” in and of itself, with no external influences applied, is not a Scrabble-legal word. “Qua,” the conjunction meaning “in and of itself,” is. It should also be a staple of any Scrabbler’s lexicon, since it takes only two common letters, I and T, to turn “quo” into playable gold.

What words are not allowed in Scrabble?

Accepted Scrabble Words There are some words that are not allowed to be played and these include suffixes, prefixes and abbreviations. Any word that requires the use of a hyphen or apostrophe cannot be played in the game. Any word that required the use of a capital letter is not allowed.

What is a sentence for quick?

Quick sentence example. She took a quick step back. He soon learned all that his teacher could teach; for he was bright and quick , and had a good memory. The town car moved at a quick pace, bringing them to a mansion atop one of the private, gated drives tucked away from sight along Skyline Drive.

How do you spell clicks?

Click may be used as a verb or an adjective, related words are clicks, clicked and clicking. Click is considered an echoic word, but it is also associated with the Middle English clike, which is a locking latch. A clique is an exclusive group of associates that rarely allows others to join.

Is quick a synonym for fast?

Some common synonyms of speedy are expeditious, fast, fleet, hasty, quick, rapid, and swift. While all these words mean “moving, proceeding, or acting with celerity,” speedy implies quickness of successful accomplishment and may also suggest unusual velocity.

What rhymes quick?

Word Rhyme rating Meter
chick 100 [/]
tick 100 [/]
slick 100 [/]
lick 100 [/]

What are two antonyms for fast?

antonyms of fast

  • clumsy.
  • slow.
  • sluggish.
  • boring.
  • dull.
  • flexible.
  • good.
  • impermanent.

How do you say someone is fast?

Words used to describe fast movement – thesaurus

  1. fast. adjective. able to move quickly.
  2. quick. adjective. able to move fast or do something fast.
  3. swift. adjective. moving quickly.
  4. speedy. adjective. happening very quickly.
  5. nimble. adjective. able to move quickly and easily.
  6. brisk. adjective.
  7. high-speed. adjective.
  8. agile. adjective.

What things happen quickly?

instantaneousadjective. immediate. just like thatphrase. used for emphasizing that something happens very quickly or easily. lightningadjective.

What is the one word for to move with high steps?


What is a word for moving fast?

What is another word for fast-moving?

fast rapid
swift speedy
fleet nimble
flying hurtling
moving speeding

What do you call a fast walk?

race walking nounvery fast exercise walking. PowerWalking. health walking.

What is to move quickly?

plunge. verb. to move quickly in an uncontrolled way, or to make someone or something move in this way.

What moves quickly and suddenly?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for MOVE QUICKLY AND SUDDENLY [dart]

What’s a word for moving on?

Alternate Synonyms for “move on”: advance; progress; pass on; march on; go on; travel; go; move; locomote.

What do you call a lot of guns?

battery. noun. several large guns or other weapons, used together.

What do we call gun in English?

strength variable noun. Someone’s strengths are the qualities and abilities that they have which are an advantage to them, or which make them successful.

What gun does not leave shells?

Why aren’t revolvers used instead of other guns, during criminal acts, since they don’t leave shell casings? Actually, that was one of the changes from the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. Pre-ban, . 38 Special—a revolver caliber—was one of the most commonly carried calibers by criminals.

Is a big gun?

If you refer to someone as a big gun, you mean that they have a lot of power or influence.

What is the longest gun in the world?

Schwerer Gustav

Do you have time on your hands?

The phrase to have (too much) time on one’s hands is an idiomatic expression that means that one has extra time.

How much is a big gun?

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What is a Biggun?

biggun (plural bigguns) (informal) A large thing. Blimey, that’s a biggun!

When someone says you have too much time on your hands?

Having too much time on your hands is a rare gift. And if you’re doing something creative or amusing or interesting with it, that just means you’re using the gift the right way. People who say stuff like this are usually creatively constipated, miserable, resentful people.