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What is the universal theme of the poem?

What is the universal theme of the poem?

Answer: The theme of the poem is universal because death is inevitable and the only truth about life which cannot be denied. The pain that occurs from the loss of a loved one is felt by everyone alike and thus, the theme is described as a universal one.

What is the main idea of the poem my mother at sixty six?

My Mother at Sixty-six is based on the theme of advancing age and the fear of loss and separation associated with it. The poetess undergoes a plethora of emotions when she sees her mother ageing, and feels the pangs of separation at the thought of losing her.

What does the narrative style of the poem signify?

A narrative poem is a longer form of poetry that tells an entire story, with a beginning, middle, and end. Narrative poems contain all of the elements of a fully developed story, including characters, plot, conflict, and resolution. These poems are typically told by just one narrator or speaker.

What does the poet mean by all I did was smile and smile and smile?

By “smile,smile,smile” She means to make herself and her mother hopeful to see each other again . It is actually a painful smile . The poet tries to conceal the swelling emotions by smiling . By using the poetic device of repetition has made the poetic language rich by depicting many hidden emotions through “smile”.

What do the poet’s parting words suggest?

The poet’s parting words, “see you soon, Amma,” signify both her farewell to her mother and an effort to leave her with optimism and cheer. They also enable the poet to empathise with the sense of isolation faced by her mother in the old age.

What is the significance of parting words?

The significance of the parting words is for the encouragement and moral support of the poet’s mother. The poet is giving hope to her mother that they will meet again. The smile in true sense is painful as the poet is trying to hide her emotions.

What was the poet’s deep pain?

(a) This was the pain and agony that the poet often felt that one or the other day she had to suffer due to the separation from her mother. (b) In her childhood, the poet’s heart was filled with fear whenever her mother was not with her.

What is the kind of pain and ache that the poetess feels?

The emotional pain and ache that the poet feels is due to the realization that her mother has gone old and has become frail and pale like a corpse. She is dependent on her children. The ache also refers to the old familiar ache of the childhood that revisits the poet due to the mother’s old age and her approaching end.

What will counting up to twelve and keeping still help us to achieve?

Answer: When we count up to twelve and keep still, it will help us achieve a sense of togetherness. We will not be busy in the mundane activities of life, but on the contrary, in the silence of peace we will have time to introspect.

What is the significance of counting to twelve?

In the poem “Keeping Quiet” The poet counts up to twelve because this span of time would enable everyone to calm down and be ready for the story. 12 is number of months in a calendar year and 12 may refer to midnight after which a new day begins so here it may be used to symbolize a new beginning.

What is the significance of counting to 12?

The number twelve has a special significance because there are 12 digits in a clock and for twice the amount of time that makes up 12 hours,we keep on talking and engaging in some activity or the other. That moment when we hold our peace and keep still, not speak in any language would be an exotic moment.

What does put on clean clothes signify?

‘Put on clean clothes’ signifies the feelings of their mutual understanding. 4. Brotherhood can be established in the world only if the war-wagers come together and go out for a walk together.

What would be the result of all being together?

Explanation: The result of being together would result in a new experience in which man will get a chance to have a sense of bonding and togetherness with each other. 4. ‘Sudden strangeness’ is a strange and unusual feeling of universal brotherhood.