What is the word for basketball in French?

What is the word for basketball in French?

basketball. More French words for basketball. le basket-ball noun. basketball.

Is basketball masculine or feminine?

Results showed that basketball is regarded as a masculine sport (M male=3.36 vs. M female=2.66; t(112)=3.183, p=. 002) while aerobics is viewed as a feminine sport (M male=2.75 vs.

What does E Cole mean in French?

École may refer to: an elementary school in the French educational stages normally followed by secondary education establishments (collège and lycée)

Is hospital masculine or feminine in French?

The French translation for “the hospital” is l’hôpital. The French, l’hôpital, can be broken down into 2 parts:”the (masculine, before a vowel sound)” (l’) and “hospital” (hôpital).

What is the feminine of Vieux in French?


‘old’ Masculine Feminine
(before consonant)
Singular vieux vieille
Plural vieux vieilles

Is inteligente masculine or feminine French?

General Rules

Gender Singular Plural
Masculine intelligent intelligents
Feminine intelligente intelligentes

How do you use Vieux in French?

  1. ( informal) (= personne âgée) (= homme) old man. (= femme) old woman. un petit vieux a little old man.
  2. ( informal) (à un ami) pauvre vieux poor thing. mon vieux old man. ma vieille old girl. Eh bien, mon vieux Well, old man Eh bien, ma vieille Well, old girl ⧫ Well, my dear …
  3. ( autres locutions)

What is the feminine of Courageux in French?

Meanings of “feminine form of courageux” in French English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category French
1 Common courageuse [adj]

What is French patient?

1. [ of doctor] patient(e) m/f. 2. ( in hospital) malade mf. modifier.

What is the feminine form of Courageux?


masculin féminin
superlatif le plus courageux les plus courageux le moins courageux les moins courageux la plus courageuse les plus courageuses la moins courageuse les moins courageuses
adverbe courageusement

Is Courageux feminine or masculine?

The French translation for “brave (masculine)” is courageux.