What is this word either?

What is this word either?

As an adjective either refers only to two of anything: either side of the river; using either hand. As a pronoun either sometimes occurs in reference to more than two ( either of the three children ), but any is more common in this construction ( any of the three children ).

What is either in a sentence?

Either is used when referring to a choice between two options. For example, “Either one deserves to win.” Or, “Either you leave, or I will phone the police.” It can also be used in a negative way, instead of the words also or too.

How do you use either or in a sentence?

Using either…or and neither… nor

  1. He cooks dinner. Or she cooks dinner.
  2. Either he or she cooks dinner.
  3. She can have tea. Or she can have coffee.
  4. She can have either tea or coffee.
  5. He washes the clothes himself. Or he asks her to wash them.
  6. He either washes the clothes himself or asks her to wash them.

What can I use instead of either?


  • additionally,
  • again,
  • also,
  • besides,
  • further,
  • furthermore,
  • likewise,
  • more,

Do we use is or are with either?

It is used as a determiner with a singular noun. Either option is acceptable. Each of the two, or both, are acceptable, but you expect to pick one option. Note that using a plural noun (either options) would be incorrect.

How do you write either or both?

You might want to choose one of the objects or the other, but you cannot have the two of them together. For example: “You can either have cake for dessert, or ice cream.” When you are presenting the choice of two different things, you can use both words “either… or” – with each item after the two words.

How do you use both either and neither?

Either means ‘both’, ‘one’ and neither means ‘not either’, ‘none’. Either is used in negative constructions, while neither is used in affirmative constructions.

What is a synonym for both?

Synonyms: the two, the pair, both of them, the two of them, the two of you, both of you, both together, either , the one and the other, one as well as the other. Antonyms: only one, one , either one, one or the other, each , alone. Sense: Adjective: the two – often followed by ‘of’

Is the both of us grammatically correct?

Yes, certainly “both of us” can be correct, both in usage and grammar, because the word “us” can indicate which two individuals from a group of more than two.

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