What is Thuja occidentalis used for in homeopathy?

What is Thuja occidentalis used for in homeopathy?

Thuja, Thuja Occidentalis (tree of life), is a homeopathic remedy indicated for wart-like formations on skin and mucous membranes, vaccination side effects, bedwetting, dry, split hair, white, scaly dandruff, persistent skin problems, chronic urinary Problem created due to harmful organisms, leucorrhea, neuralgia.

Which Homeopathic medicine is best for fear?

Homeopathic remedies for panic attacks and anxiety

  • Aconite. Homeopathy practitioners recommend aconite for intense, sudden anxiety, panic, or fear.
  • Argentum nitricum.
  • Arsenicum album.
  • Calcarea carbonica.
  • Gelsemium.
  • Ignatia.
  • Kali arsenicosum.
  • Kali phophoricum.

How quickly does Thuja work?

In common type with distinct keratosis, Thuja was given; in palm and sole variety, Nat. Mur. and in other clinical types Dulcammara was given’. In 88% cases remission started within 1 month and complete remission was seen by 3 months.

How long does Thuja take to work on warts?

After two weeks there was a noticeable difference and after using this product for 4 weeks, almost all of the warts on my hands are gone.

Can homeopathy cure OCD completely?

Most of the OCD patients are cured by homeopathic medicines; rest can be managed to some extent. But none of these homeopathic medicines for OCD should be taken without professional advice from a consultant Homeopath in Neuro-Psychiatry.

How do you use Thuja occidentalis mother tincture?

Dosage: 15 drops of Thuja mother tincture in half a cup of normal water twice a day until symptoms disappear or as prescribed by the physician. It can be taken along with allopathy medicines. Side-effects: Thuja occidentalis Mother tincture has many side effects.

Is Thuja occidentalis good for warts?

An extract from Thuja occidentalis (White cedar tree) cured the resistant warts on the other fingers, leaving only superficial scars and without affecting allograft function.

What is the best treatment for claustrophobia?

Psychotherapy is the most common treatment type for claustrophobia. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) is an effective form of treatment that seeks to isolate thoughts that come with the fear response. In turn, therapy helps individuals replace these thoughts with healthier, practical thoughts.

How does Thuja occidentalis work as a homeopathy remedy?

Thuja works to help the body rid itself of the scaly patches that appear, as well as the itchy skin and even brown “age spots” that people tend to complain of. Thuja may work as a homeopathic remedy for a number of menstrual problems.

What are the two types of Thuja personality?

There are two common types of THUJA personality: Sensitive, artistic, refined, poets. Like music, going towards (or from) PULSATILLA and SILICEA. Materialistic, moving towards Med. Overtly extrovert. Lies and cheats and openly sexual.

What kind of skin symptoms does Thuja treat?

Thuja is best known for its ability to treat skin symptoms which include warts, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive or itchy eruptions, nail fungus and hemorrhoids.

What does Dr Manisha Bhatia say about Thuja occidentalis?

Dr. Manisha Bhatia gives us a rich description of the personality & materia medica of Thuja occidentalis. It’s a homeopathic remedy for warts, tumors, overgrowths, asthma, allergies etc. Thuja occidentalis is a polychrest anti-sycotic remedy.