What is unnoticeable effect?

What is unnoticeable effect?

: not worthy or likely to be noticed : not noticeable a tiny, unnoticeable mark an unnoticeable change.

What does Indiscernibility mean?

: incapable of being discerned : not recognizable as distinct.

What is another word for not obvious?

What is another word for not obvious?

inconspicuous unnoticeable
imperceptible unapparent
obscure hidden
concealed disguised
invisible low-key

What is the synonym of impalpable?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for impalpable, like: intangible, vague, palpable, tangible, indistinct, immaterial, substantial, believable, understandable, perceptible and imperceptible.

What does Inevident mean?

not evident
: not evident : not clear or obvious.

What does not noticeable mean?

Definitions of unnoticeable. adjective. not noticeable; not drawing attention. “”her clothes were simple and unnoticeable”- J.G.Cozzens” Synonyms: insignificant, undistinguished.

What is indiscernible in a sentence?

Definition of Indiscernible. difficult or impossible to see, notice, or hear. Examples of Indiscernible in a sentence. 1. Due to the foggy weather conditions, the camp pictures were so indiscernible.

What is the definition of ravenously?

1 : rapacious ravenous wolves. 2 : very eager or greedy for food, satisfaction, or gratification a ravenous appetite.

What does not obvious mean?

: not easily discovered, seen, or understood : not obvious nonobvious trends a nonobvious solution. Other Words from nonobvious More Example Sentences Learn More About nonobvious.

What is something obvious?

Something obvious is plain to see and easily understandable. It was obvious that you didn’t enjoy your meal because I found it rolled in a napkin and shoved under the rug. There’s nothing vague about the adjective obvious — it’s right there in front of your eyes!

What does impalpable mean in Lord of the Flies?

used in Lord of the Flies. only 1 use. very apparent (so strong, it almost seems to take a material form that can be touched)