What is Wartsila engine?

What is Wartsila engine?

The Wärtsilä 31 is the first of a new generation of medium speed engines, designed to set a new benchmark in efficiency and overall emissions performance. The Wärtsilä 31 is available in 8 to 16 cylinder configurations and has a power output ranging from 4.7 to 9.8 MW, at 720 and 750 rpm.

How big is a Wartsila engine?

Its largest 14-cylinder version is 13.5 metres (44 ft) high, 26.59 m (87 ft) long, weighs over 2,300 tons, and produces 80,080 kW (107,390 hp). The engine is the largest reciprocating engine in the world.

Where is Wartsila from?

Helsinki, Finland
We help our customers achieve improved performance to their vessels and power plants. With headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, Wartsila spans across 200 locations in 80 countries around the world, with approximately 18,000 employees.

What is MC engine?

This engine type uses a mechanically driven camshaft for fuel injection, cylinder lubrication, and to control the timing of the starting air and exhaust.

What kind of company is Wartsila?

Wärtsilä Oyj Abp (Finnish: [ˈʋærtsilæ]), trading internationally as Wärtsilä Corporation, is a Finnish company which manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets.

Who is the owner of Wartsila?

The President & CEO of the company in 2020 was Mr Jaakko Eskola. In September 2020, Wärtsilä’s Board of Directors appointed Mr Håkan Agnevall as the new President and CEO.

Who makes Wartsila engines?

Wärtsilä Corporation
Wärtsilä Oyj Abp (Finnish: [ˈʋærtsilæ]), trading internationally as Wärtsilä Corporation, is a Finnish company which manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets.

What is the most efficient marine engine?

Wärtsilä 31 engine
The Wärtsilä 31 engine has been recognised by Guinness World Records as being the world’s most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine. This will be the first 12-cylinder version of this engine ordered.

Is Wartsila a German company?

What is HCU in me engine?

HCU consists of a fuel oil booster, Exhaust valve actuator. When the ELFI/FIVA valve operates fuel pressure is boosted and fed to fuel injectors through a high-pressure pipe for atomization. For Example: If fuel booster pump inlet is 7-8 bar is boosted up to 200-300 bar pressure which is outlet pressure.

What is the meaning of MAN B&W engine?

10 – MAN B&W low speed engines This chapter discusses low speed diesel engine technology from Maschinenfabriek Augsburg-Nurnberg (MAN) Burmeister & Wain (B&W). The group offer unique uniflow-scavenged diesel engines in the shape of the MC series.

Who is CEO of Wartsila?

Håkan Agnevall (Feb 1, 2021–)

What kind of spare parts does Wartsila use?

In addition we offer spare parts and consumables for all Wärtsilä delivered auxiliary equipment. Bolnes, Crepelle, DEUTZ MWM / KHD, Poyaud, SACM, Stork Werkspoor Diesel, A/S20/25 engines and Wärtsilä Vasa 14/24 are supported by QuantiParts.

When did the Wartsila 32 engine come out?

The Wärtsilä 32 was developed in response to a need in the market for a new engine in the 320 mm cylinder bore class and since 1998 more than 2500 of these engines have been sold to the marine market, in total more than 4500 Wärtsilä 32 bore engines have been delivered to the marine market since the 1980s.

Is the Wartsila 32 engine compliant with the IMO?

The engine is fully equipped with all essential ancillaries and a thoroughly planned interface to external systems. The Wärtsilä 32 engine is fully compliant with the IMO Tier II exhaust emissions regulations set out in Annex VI of the MARPOL 73/78 convention. Exellent fuel flexibility allowing operation on HFO, LBF, MDO and ultra low sulphur fuel.

What did Wartsila do for the MSV Fennica?

The turnkey project involved the fitting of combined Wärtsilä NOx Reducer (NOR) and Oxidation Catalysts (OXI) to the MSV Fennica and MSV Nordica. The Libas, delivered 2004, is a combined purse seiner and trawler designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design for the future needs of the global pelagic fleet.