What kind of a poem Sita is?

What kind of a poem Sita is?

Explanation: Written by Toru Dutt, Sita is a poem depicting the ordeal of a woman. A mother of three is trying to put her children to sleep. She tells them a story about a woman, Sita who was left behind her husband in a dense forest.

Who is the fair lady in the poem Sita?

Ans: The fair lady is Sita who has been put in exile in the Valmiki Ashram. Her tears and sorrow in life in exile have deeply moved the children and they also start weeping.

How does the poem Sita reflect the poet’s deep love of nature?

Ans: The poem reflects the poet’s deep love for nature when she presents a pen-picture of Valmiki’s hermitage, where Sita is living in exile. The place is densely covered with creepers, flowers, and trees. It is so dense that sunlight cannot pass through it.

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem Sita?

Each stanza is made up of four lines with ten beats per line and the couplet has twelve beats. The variation is that there is no rhyme pattern and it is a sonnet sequence so it is one poem made up of a number of individual sonnets.

What do you mean by critical appreciation?

Critical Appreciation simply means to evaluate and analyze a poem in order to have its better understanding. It includes two steps: Step 1. In order to write a critical analysis of a poem, one is required to first evaluate the poetic techniques used by the poet.

On what note does the poem Sita end?

sad question note

Who is the poem Sita all about?

These lines are from Toru Dutt’s poem ‘Sita’. The poem sees a mother telling her three young children the age old story of Sita in her second exile. The children listening to the story are filled with compassion for her. They are so moved by her sorrow that they too start weeping at her misery.

Why did Sita goes back to earth?

Years later, Sita returns to the womb of her mother, the Earth, for release from a cruel world as a testimony of her purity after she reunites her two sons Kusha and Lava with their father Rama.

When was Sita born?

In his written reply, the Minister had said “however, Sita has been mentioned as having been born in Mithila region in Valmiki Ramayana which is presently dated 2nd Century BC.”

Is Sita elder than Rama?

Though we have many examples of wife being elder than her husband in puranas, like Sita was 6 months elder than Rama, Radha was elder than Krishna and even in the case of Shiva and Shakthi according to Shakthi purana, it was Shakthi who created Shiva, Bramha, Vishnu and proposes them to marry her.

Why did Sita kill herself?

In the battle between Rama and Ravana, Indrajit – the son of Ravana – creates an illusionary Sita (Maya Sita) and kills her in front of Rama’s general Hanuman, as a war tactic to dampen the spirits of Rama’s army.

At what age Rama died?

42 years old

Who killed Rama?


How many years did Sita live?

And some 4 years thereafter as king and queen, until she was exiled. So, they would have been together for about 22 years in all. Sita lived for another 12 years. Rama lived for 12 years thereafter, that is, until his sons came of age.

At what age did SITA get married?

It is known that at the time of Vanvas, Mother Sita was 18 years old and Lord Shri Ram was 25 years old, when Sita was married to Rama, Sita was 6 years old, then according to these figures, according to these figures Sita The age of Sita Ji is considered 18 years and that of Ram Ji is 25 years.

How did Sita died?

It all started with the agnipariksha of Sita Rama returned victorious from the war in Lanka, and everyone in Ayodhya celebrated his victory. Sita, who could not take this doubt, jumped into the fire. And because Sita was so pure, the fire did not burn her, and all the gods sang of her purity.

How did RAM die?

Rama dying by drowning himself is found in the Myanmar version of Rama’s life story called Thiri Rama.

How many wives did Rama have?

four wives

Who killed Laxman?


Why does Rama have blue skin?

Krishna and Rama are/have been shown to be blue simple because they are that close to Vishnu. Unlike the other avatars of Vishnu, one can say that Rama and Krishna were born with ‘extreme carefulness’.

Why Krishna did not marry Radha?

Radha and Krishna were separated because of Shridhama’s curse. Shridhama was a friend and a devotee of Shri Krishna, who believed that Bhakti (devotion) is higher than Prem (live). Therefore, he did not want people to take Radha’s name before Krishna’s.

What is the true color of Krishna?

Etymologically speaking, the Sanskrit word ‘Krishna’ means black or dark. At times, it is also translated as “all attractive”. According to Vedas, Lord Krishna is a dark-skinned Dravidian god. Even in traditional patta chitras (cloth art) in Odisha, Lord Krishna and Vishnu are always shown having black skin.

Who is the father of Shiva?

Sage Dadhichi

What is Lord Shiva’s Favourite food?

No doubt, Bhaang is the favourite food of Lord Shiva. The drink is made from crushed hemp leaves. It is also said that the drink helps to cure many ailments and get rid of all sorts of pain. Milk or any sweet made with milk is offered on Shivratri.