What rhymes with live in?

What rhymes with live in?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
strive 100 Verb
dive 100 Noun, Verb
thrive 100 Verb
revive 100 Verb

What word rhymes with short?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
resort 100 Noun, Verb
escort 100 Noun, Verb
quart 100 Noun
distort 100 Verb

What is a word for full?

What is another word for full?

packed crowded
crammed brimming
filled jammed
stuffed bursting
congested loaded

What are the most beautiful English words?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words

  • 10 Serendipity (n.)
  • 9 Petrichor (n.)
  • 8 Supine (adj.)
  • 7 Solitude (n.)
  • 6 Aurora (n.)
  • 5 Idyllic (adj.)
  • 4 Clinomania (n.)
  • 3 Pluviophile (n.)

What is a better word for filled?

What is another word for filled?

full packed
bursting congested
crammed crowded
inundated overloaded
profuse replete

What does emotive mean in English?

1 : of or relating to the emotions. 2 : appealing to or expressing emotion the emotive use of language. 3 chiefly British : causing strong emotions often in support of or against something …

What does chockablock mean?

1 : brought close together. 2 : very full shelves chockablock with books.

How do you say rich in a nice way?


  1. flush.
  2. loaded.
  3. moneyed.
  4. opulent.
  5. prosperous.
  6. rich.
  7. stinking rich.
  8. upper class.

What is a rich area called?

affluent Add to list Share. You know you’re driving through an affluent neighborhood when you see large houses, perfect landscaping, and expensive cars. Use affluent to describe wealthy people or areas.

What is something very quiet?

Whisper: Whispers are very quiet at only 20 decibels. Murmur: Saying something so quietly that you can’t be fully understood. Mutter: Saying something in a barely audible tone. Jellyfish: Free-swimming marine animals that don’t make any noise. Snails: A shelled gastropod that doesn’t produce any audible sounds.

What do you call a soft sound?

euphonious Add to list Share. Something euphonious sounds beautiful and pleasant. “You have a euphonious voice!” is a great compliment for a singer. This word sounds pretty when you say it, so it makes sense that it describes something pleasing to the ear. A great public speaker might have a euphonious voice.