What should the climax of a story?

What should the climax of a story?

The climax of a story is a dramatic turning point in a narrative—a pivotal moment at the peak of the story arc that pits the protagonist against an opposing force in order to resolve the main conflict once and for all.

Which best describes the climax of the plot?

The point at which the reader’s interest is at its peak -best describes the climax of a story. The point at which the reader’s interest is at its peak -best describes the climax of a story. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What is the purpose of the climax in a story apex?

A climax is the turning point of a story. It keeps the flow going into the falling action of the story.

What do you call a turning point?

other words for turning point climax. critical point. crux. culmination. juncture.

Why are turning points important?

The turning point is an important part of all stories because it brings out the final action that is necessary for the narrative to end. It’s what the audience spends their time waiting for, and it leads to the conflict’s resolution.

What makes an event a turning point?

The dictionary defines “turning point” as a point at which a decisive change takes place. So a turning point in history is more than just an important event that happened a long time ago. It is an idea, event or action that directly, and sometimes indirectly, caused change.

What’s another word for turning point in math?

Synonyms for turning point include climacteric, watershed, landmark, climax, corner, crisis, crossroads, milepost, milestone and axis.

What are turning points in math?

A turning point is a point of the graph where the graph changes from increasing to decreasing (rising to falling) or decreasing to increasing (falling to rising). A polynomial of degree n will have at most n – 1 turning points.

What is the minimum point?

Minimum, in mathematics, point at which the value of a function is less than or equal to the value at any nearby point (local minimum) or at any point (absolute minimum); see extremum. …

What is the maximum point?

Maximum, In mathematics, a point at which a function’s value is greatest. If the value is greater than or equal to all other function values, it is an absolute maximum. If it is merely greater than any nearby point, it is a relative, or local, maximum.

How do you find the maximum and minimum points of a curve?

To find the maximum/minimum of a curve you must first differentiate the function and then equate it to zero. This gives you one coordinate. To find the other you must resubstitute the one already found into the original function.

What is turning point in literature?

the time when a situation starts to change in an important, esp. positive, way: Having the baby was a turning point in their lives. literature. The turning point in a work of literature is the moment or section when the action begins to move toward the climax (= the most important or exciting part).

How do you find the turning point of a graph?

Graphs of quadratic functions have a vertical line of symmetry that goes through their turning point. This means that the turning point is located exactly half way between the x-axis intercepts (if there are any!). There are two methods to find the turning point, Through factorising and completing the square.

Does a cubic function have a turning point?

Cubic functions can have at most 3 real roots (including multiplicities) and 2 turning points. If a root of a polynomial has even multiplicity, the graph will touch the x-axis at the root but will not cross the x-axis.

How do you find maximum and minimum turning points?

A maximum turning point is a turning point where the curve is concave upwards, f′′(x)<0 f ′ ′ ( x ) < 0 and f′(x)=0 f ′ ( x ) = 0 at the point. A minimum turning point is a turning point where the curve is concave downwards, f′′(x)>0 f ′ ′ ( x ) > 0 and f′(x)=0 f ′ ( x ) = 0 at the point.

How do you find the maximum and minimum of a function?


  1. WE SAY THAT A FUNCTION f(x) has a relative maximum value at x = a,
  2. We say that a function f(x) has a relative minimum value at x = b,
  3. The value of the function, the value of y, at either a maximum or a minimum is called an extreme value.
  4. f ‘(x) = 0.
  5. In other words, at a maximum, f ‘(x) changes sign from + to − .