What type of dye is methylene blue?

What type of dye is methylene blue?

Methylene blue is a blue cationic thiazine dye used widely in the field of medicine to treat various illness and disorders.

Is gentian violet the same as methylene blue?

Regarding the use of methylene blue alone for staining urethral smears,3 the addition of gentian violet allows better differentiation of the cytoplasm and the cell membranes of the leukocytes. Therefore, with methylene blue it is more difficult to tell whether the organisms are intracellular or not.

What is methylene blue an example of?

Methylene blue is a formal derivative of phenothiazine. It is a dark green powder that yields a blue solution in water.

Is methylene blue a contrast dye?

Methylene blue: an effective treatment for contrast medium-induced anaphylaxis.

What is the purpose of methylene blue?

Methylene blue, also known as methylthioninium chloride, is a photoactive phenothiazine dye. It is a small molecular weight dye, which is effective against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. Methylene blue is used to stain animal cells to make their nuclei more observable.

What drug makes you pee blue?

A number of medications produce blue or green urine, including amitriptyline, indomethacin (Indocin, Tivorbex) and propofol (Diprivan).

What drug makes your tongue blue?

Blue tongues have been observed in individuals treated with haloperidol or dopamine antagonists. The tongue of a patient receiving large doses of haloperidol (a butyrophenone agent) was observed to be blue [16].

Is methylene blue toxic?

Methylene blue is a safe drug when used in therapeutic doses (<2mg/kg). But it can cause toxicity in high doses.

How does methylene blue indicate oxygen?

Oxygen is necessary for many forms of life on Earth, so any compound that can help detect its presence is bound to be useful. Water containing the methylene blue indicator is blue when oxygen is present. Methylene blue indicates the presence of oxidizing agents because it is oxidized itself by these compounds.

What is meant by methylene blue?

: a basic thiazine dye C16H18ClN3S·3H2O used especially as a biological stain, an antidote in cyanide poisoning, and an oxidation-reduction indicator.

What is the formula of methylene?


How do you make carbene?

The formation of carbenes by way of electrically charged, or ionic, intermediates is exemplified by the reaction of chloroform with a strong base, potassium tert-butoxide. In the first step of this reaction, a proton or hydrogen ion (H+) is removed from the chloroform molecule in a normal acid–base reaction.

What is singlet carbene?

A Singlet and Triplet Carbenes A carbene is a neutral divalent carbon species containing two electrons that are not shared with other atoms. When these two electrons have opposite spins, the carbene is designated a singlet carbene; when they have parallel spins, the carbene is a triplet.

What is ch2 group called?

Methylene group

What does R mean in functional groups?

R group: An abbreviation for any group in which a carbon or hydrogen atom is attached to the rest of the molecule. R is an abbreviation for radical, when the term radical applied to a portion of a complete molecule (not necessarily a free radical), such as a methyl group.

Is CN a functional group?

A nitrile is an organic chemical that contains a cyano functional group (subunit), CN-, in which the carbon and nitrogen atoms have a triple bond i.e. C≡N-. The general chemical formula of a nitrile is RCN, where R is the organic group.

What is the functional group of alcohol?

Alcohol molecules all contain the hydroxyl (-OH) functional group. They are a homologous series and have the general formula C nH 2n+ 1OH.

Is alcohol a base or acid?

With a pKa of around 16–19, they are, in general, slightly weaker acids than water. With strong bases such as sodium hydride or sodium they form salts called alkoxides, with the general formula RO− M+. The acidity of alcohols is strongly affected by solvation. In the gas phase, alcohols are more acidic than in water.

How are alcohol classified?

Alcohols may be classified as primary, secondary, or tertiary, according to which carbon of the alkyl group is bonded to the hydroxyl group. Most alcohols are colourless liquids or solids at room temperature.

What are the three types of alcohol?

The three types of alcohol are isopropyl, methyl, and ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is the only one that can be consumed by humans.