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What type of word is Rainbow?

What type of word is Rainbow?

As detailed above, ‘rainbow’ can be an adjective, a noun or a verb. Noun usage: a rainbow of possibilities. Noun usage: Many electoral promises are rainbows, vanishing soon after poll day.

What is the compound word of life?

Compound nouns are created by joining two or more words together to form a new word or nominal phrase. Life, therefore, is the primary word, while the adjective wild is the modifier. Combined, they create a new word for undomesticated forms of life, which is the essence of a compound noun definition.

What’s another word for sun?

What is another word for sun?

sunlight daylight
sunshine light
rays warmth
shine beams
tan sunbeams

What is the compound word for fire?

List of 68 Compound Words Beginning With ‘Fire’

fireable firebug firehouse
firebrand fireflood firepot
firebrat firefly firepower
firebreak fireguard fireproof
firebrick firehall fireproofing

What is the compound word for gold?

A chemical compound that contains gold is an “aurous compound,” for example. Aurous comes from the Latin word aurum, or “gold,” and its chemical symbol is Au.

What are words that rhyme with fire?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
dire 100 Adjective
liar 100 Noun
attire 100 Noun
sire 100 Noun

What word rhymes with the word orange?


Does today and away rhyme?

Word Rhyme rating
today 100
May 100
pay 100
stay 100