What was the problem in out of the dust?

What was the problem in out of the dust?

The main problem in Out of the Dust is that Billie Jo’s mother dies and Billie Jo runs away, Out of the dust. The Quote “Getting away wasn’t any better, just different” by Karen Hesse on page #204 shows that when Billie Jo runs away, she realizes she should go back home.

What is the main idea of out of the dust?

Major themes in Out of the Dust include loss and forgiveness, family, and the environment. Hesse’s thematic messages convey the power of the human spirit to endure and transcend the pain that accompanies adversity and tragedy. Throughout the novel, loss and grief (which is a reaction to loss) are predominant themes.

What is the main idea of out of the dust spring 1934?

Another theme in this novel is the importance of family and home. When Billie Jo leaves Oklahoma for another place, she realizes how much the farm and her father mean to her. Willingness to try something new and fighting through pain are also important to this story. Billie Jo and her father both struggle with this.

What part of Billie Jo was harmed in the fire?

Unfortunately, her mother is running back to the house, and Billie Jo ends up throwing the can of kerosene onto her mother’s apron, lighting her on fire. Billie Jo runs outside and began to beat the flames on her mother with her bare hands in an attempt to save both her mother and unborn sibling.

Why does Billie Jo have to go away for a while after the baby comes?

When she finally does hear the baby’s cries, Billie Jo feels that she needs to “walk off” the mixed feelings that she is experiencing as a result. She is relieved that the other family’s baby has been successfully birthed, but also incredibly sad to reflect on her own tremendous loss.

What are the factors that strain Billie Jo’s relationship with her mother?

One of the factors that strains Billie Jo’s relationship with her mother is Ma’s refusal to allow Billie Jo to perform public piano recitals.

What is Ma doing with the money Billie Jo is earning?

He gets her a piano gig to earn money for her and pa. He takes her to the doctor so she can get medicine for her hands.

Why is Billie Jo upset with her father about the letter from Aunt Ellis?

Why is Billie Jo upset with her father about the letter from Aunt Ellis? Billie Jo is upset because he keeps the letter and doesn’t respond like he wants to get rid of her. The spots is something his father had and the father died from skin cancer so most likely skin cancer.

Why does Ma allow Billie Jo to play with Arley Wanderdale on the road?

Ma allows Billie Jo to play with Arley Wanderdale on the road because she was distracted at the time. The Dust Bowl is a “man-made” disaster because of overplowing, animal grazing, and a lack of proper irrigation (water) systems.

Who was Arleys wife in out of the dust?

Vera Wanderdale

How does Billie Jo feel about empty spaces?

The second poem, “The Empty Spaces,” speaks of Billie Jo’s isolation from her father. She feels like he is a stranger, and she wants to be alone yet is scared of solitude. Her mother’s death has left so many empty spaces.

Who is Miss Freeland in out of the dust?

In Out of the Dust, Miss Freeland is Billie Jo’s teacher. Miss Freeland is often described as being logical, generous, caring, and passionate.

Who is Billie Jo’s crush?

Mad Dog Craddock

What war did Billie Jo’s dad fight in?

It probably has something to do with him serving in France during World War I. He was only seventeen when he enlisted, and while he doesn’t talk much about his service, he shares with Billie Jo his memories of the poppies that grew along the roadsides, no matter how badly the fighting “tore France up” (24.3).

Why does Billie Jo’s friend Livie leave with her family?

One of Billie Jo’s best friends, Livie Killian, is moving away to California with her family to escape the dust.

Who teaches music once a week at Billie Jo’s school?

Arley Wanderdale

How does Billie Jo show that she has forgiven her father and herself?

How does Billie Jo show that she has forgiven her father and herself? Billy Jo shows that she has forgiven herself and her father by having a healthy relationship with her father and starting again to play the piano, thus causing her to by happy and move on.

How did Billie Jo feel about Ma’s reaction to her scoring the highest on her state test?

When Billie Jo gets the high score on the state tests for school, she comes home expecting her to ooh and ahh over the news. Although Daddy tells Billie Jo that getting emotional and freaking out over good news isn’t Ma’s “way” (16.4), Billie Jo nonetheless feels that Ma has belittled her accomplishment.

What is the climax of out of the dust?

Climax: Billie Jo runs away and tries to escape to California. Falling Action: Billie Jo calls for her father to meet her at the train station because she realized that she needed to be home. She realizes that she is a vital part of the farm and can’t see her life without her father in it.

What was the president’s ball in out of the dust?

Franklin was named after President Roosevelt. He comes up with the New Deal and tells everyone to plant trees. The talent show and the president’s ball were events that Billie Jo and her whole community enjoyed.

Who moved into Billie Jo’s classroom?

Out of the Dust

Question Answer
what did the dance raise thirty-three dollars for? infantile paralysis
what did the government, the bakery, and some local dairy farmers do for the children at the school> a filling meal
who moved into billie jo’s school classroom? a family

What happens soon after the grasshoppers destroy the apples on the trees?

Just as the grasshoppers destroy the fruit on Ma’s trees, the fruit of her womb, Franklin, is destined to die as well. Fortunately the trees live on, a testament to Ma’s presence and vitality long after she’s gone.