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What was the setting of Lyddie?

What was the setting of Lyddie?

The novel, which begins in 1843, is set both in rural Vermont and industrial Massachusetts. The protagonist, Lyddie Worthen, has been raised in a cabin surrounded by pastures dotted with sugar bush.

Where does the book Lyddie take place?


What is the setting in Chapter 18 of Lyddie?

Charlie arrives unexpectedly, as a result of the letter that Lyddie sent him. He tells Lyddie that he has come for Rachel, their little sister. Charlie is working at the mill near their old farm, but the family that took him in treats him more like a son than an employee.

What is the plot of Chapter 16 in Lyddie?

Lyddie needed to go to the bank in order to take out money to give to Mrs. Bedlow for taking care of Rachel and so that she could buy things for Rachel. It almost physically hurt Lyddie to take out so much money from what she had saved, but she knew that it was for Rachel and it was worth it.

What happens in chapter 11 of Lyddie?

In Chapter 11, Lyddie is settling in at the mill. She is more skillful with the looms, but the thing that is really making her happy is that in the evenings, Betsy has been reading to her from Oliver Twist. Lyddie is consumed by the story, and gives Betsy ten cents to help pay for the lending library fee.

What happened in chapter 10 of Lyddie?

In chapter 10, Lyddie completes her first full day on the floor, and she finds it difficult and exhausting. Her feet swell in her new boots, the air is thick with debris, and the noise is deafening.

How does the letter from Lyddie mother affect her?

The letter that she receives from her mother. Lyddie learns that her little sister, Agnes, has died and that her mom is in need of more money to help the family. Lyddie’s reaction to the letter is that she works ever-harder to help her hurting family….

What is the plot of Lyddie Chapter 1?

Lyddie gets her siblings and her mom up into the loft for safety. The hungry bear comes in and tries some of the oatmeal, but it is too hot, and the bear leaves after trashing the house. We also learn a lot about the family dynamics in this chapter. Lyddie seems to be a clear leader.

What is the setting in Chapter 5 of Lyddie?

That’s helpful to Lyddie in Chapter Five, because in this chapter Mrs. Cutler decided to go to Boston to sell the maple sugar and visit some family. The next place that Lyddie decides to visit is their former farm. To her surprise she finds a runaway slave in the house.

What is the plot of Chapter 3 in Lyddie?

At the beginning of Chapter 3, Lyddie stands outside Cutler’s Tavern. She notes that the tavern is larger than the Stevenses’ farmhouse. Meanwhile, the lady of the tavern (Mistress Cutler) spots Lyddie and thinks that she is a vagabond. Indignant, Lyddie tells Mistress Cutler that she is actually the new hire.

Why was Lyddie not able to leave the mill during the summer in Chapter 11?

The chapter reveals that Lyddie cannot go home for the summer because of the terms of her contract. As she sees her fellow mill workers leave for the summer, Lyddie’s only comfort is that she will make more money on account of all the extra looms to tend.

What was Lyddie’s momentous decision in Chapter 11?

Halfway through July, Lyddie made a big decision. She decided that she was going to buy her own copy of Oliver Twist. So, one evening Lyddie walked into town where she stopped at the book store and nervously said, “I-I come to purchase a book”.

Why Lyddie should not sign the petition?

Lyddie decides not to sign the petition because she needs her current wages too badly. If the petition passes, then her hours would be reduced and she would earn less. Even if it does not pass, it would anger the mill’s management and they could blacklist her.