What were the capitals of Germany?

What were the capitals of Germany?


What is the capital of Germany quiz?

Answer: Berlin is the capital of Germany. Answer: Tirana is the capital of Albania.

What are the 16 states of Germany and their capitals?

List of all German states and state capitals

State Population State Capital
Baden-Württemberg 10,624,000 Stuttgart
Bavaria 12,563,000 Munich
Berlin 3,415,000 Berlin
Brandenburg 2,449,000 Potsdam

What countries bordered the German states?

To the west, Germany borders The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg; to the southwest it borders France. Germany shares its entire southern boundary with Switzerland and Austria.

Does Germany has a sea?

Germany (German: Deutschland) is a country in west-central Europe, that stretches from the Alps, across the North European Plain to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea….Geography of Germany.

Continent Europe
Coastline 2,389 km (1,484 mi)

How much of Germany is Catholic?


What is the coldest city in Germany?

A village in the Erz mountains recorded Germany’s coldest temperature of the winter so far.

Which German city has best weather?

The top 10 “great weather” German cities

  • Karlsruhe.
  • Frankfurt am Main.
  • Berlin.
  • Magdeburg.
  • Wiesbaden.
  • Fürth.
  • Erlangen.
  • Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

What is the snowiest city in Europe?

1. Warth-Schröcken, Austria. Warth and Schröcken share the snowiest ski area in Europe, with a seasonal average of 10.5m. Other nearby villages are also super-snowy, such as Damüls, which gets over 9m a season and markets itself as the “snowiest village in the world”.

Where is the best place to live in Germany?

The Best Places to Live in Germany

  1. Berlin. The city of Berlin is quickly becoming one of trendiest and hippest hangouts in the world.
  2. Düsseldorf. Less known than popular Berlin, Düsseldorf is a city that is growing in popularity with expats from the UK.
  3. Hamburg.
  4. Munich.
  5. Nuremburg.
  6. Stuttgart.
  7. Frankfurt.

What is the poorest city in Germany?


Which is the richest city in Europe?


Is life in Germany better than UK?

Work-life balance in Germany is vastly superior to the UK. Germans value their leisure time and tend to compartmentalise work time and free time.