What word comes from the Greek word meaning rule of the people?

What word comes from the Greek word meaning rule of the people?


What is the Greek word meaning rule by a few?


What words contain a root that means rule?

Answer: The Greek root word crat means “rule,” and the English suffix -cracy means “rule by.” This Greek root and suffix is the word origin of a good number of English vocabulary words, including the familiar terms democrat and democracy.

What is a nickname for Javon?

Nicknames: Jay, Jav, Von.

Is Javon a good name?

The name Javon is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “Greece”. While the biblical Javan, the son of Japheth, is spelled with two a’s, the -on version is by far the favorite in contemporary America. This name has ranked in the US Top 1000 since 1976, though it’s in danger of falling off.

What is the Hebrew name for Greece?

Also serving as the Hebrew name for Greece or Greeks in general, יָוָן Yavan or Yāwān has long been considered cognate with the name of the eastern Greeks, the Ionians (Greek Ἴωνες Iōnes, Homeric Greek Ἰάονες Iáones; Mycenaean Greek *Ιαϝονες Iawones).

What do you call a Greek person?

The Greeks called themselves Hellenes and their land was Hellas. The name ‘Greeks’ was given to the people of Greece later by the Romans. They lived in mainland Greece and the Greek islands, but also in colonies scattered around the Mediterranean Sea.

Why is Greece called ellada?

The Greeks called themselves “Hellenes” by and large but other names also existed. One of whom entered into Latin as “Graeci” and their land “Graecia.” So from the Romans via French English inherited “Greek” and “Greece.” And “The Hellenic Republic” (or even “Greek Republic,”)is a bit long and formal.

What was the upper class in Greece called?

Athenian society was ultimately divided into four main social classes: the upper class; the metics, or middle class; the lower class, or freedmen; and the slave class. The upper class consisted of those born to Athenian parents. They were considered the citizens of Athens.

Which class in Greece was made of slaves?

middle class

Who was the most famous person to rule in ancient Greece?

Alexander the Great