What word rhymes with standards?

What word rhymes with standards?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
substandard 100 Adjective
nonstandard 100 Adjective
slandered 100 Verb
meandered 100 Verb

What is it called when a word almost rhymes?

Half rhyme or imperfect rhyme, sometimes called near-rhyme, lazy rhyme, or slant rhyme, is a type of rhyme formed by words with similar but not identical sounds. In most instances, either the vowel segments are different while the consonants are identical, or vice versa.

What type of word is giggle?

noun. a silly, spasmodic laugh; titter. Slang. an amusing experience, incident, etc.: Going to a silly movie was always a giggle.

What are two synonyms for giggle?


  • cackle.
  • chuckle.
  • guffaw.
  • snicker.
  • chortle.
  • snigger.
  • titter.
  • twitter.

What do you call a soft laugh?

Chuckle is as fun to say as it is to do. In fact, just the sound of the word chuckle may make you feeling like chuckling, or laughing softly. Chuckle is one of many words for different kinds of laughter. These include giggle, titter, snicker, and a word that is a cross between chuckle and snort — chortle.

What are examples of flirting?

An accidental arm graze or bumping into might mean you are being flirted with. Often the person will touch your arm or try to brush hands or feet against you if you are seated at a table or bar. A light touch on these areas sends signals to the brain about attraction.

What are the signs of a woman flirting?

When she is leaning in during a conversation, that is an obvious flirt signal girls give. She is showing you she wants to get closer to you. When she is even arching her neck towards you, that means you’ve hit the jackpot.