What words have the word phone in them?

What words have the word phone in them?


  • telephone.
  • saxophone.
  • headphone.
  • cellphone.
  • megaphone.
  • phonetics.
  • xylophone.
  • allophone.

What words end with Ile?

8-letter words that end in ile

  • volatile.
  • juvenile.
  • erectile.
  • domicile.
  • immobile.
  • quartile.
  • quintile.
  • imbecile.

What words end with ace?

6-letter words that end in ace

  • palace.
  • menace.
  • solace.
  • deface.
  • vivace.
  • efface.
  • enlace.
  • reface.

What is the other name for ice?

What is another word for ice?

frozen water ice crystal
icecap rime
verglas berg
chunk crystal
cube ice dry ice

What words have snow in them?

8 letter words containing snow

  • snowball.
  • snowfall.
  • snowpack.
  • snowbird.
  • snowmelt.
  • snowshoe.
  • snowplow.
  • snowbank.

What does the suffix Ice mean?

-ICE is a suffix meaning quality or state of. (Suffixes appear at the end of words)

What is the Latin root for ice?


Is ice an adjective suffix?

adjective. of or made of ice: ice shavings; an ice sculpture. for holding ice and food or drink to be chilled: an ice bucket; an ice chest.

Is a malice?

noun. desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness: the malice and spite of a lifelong enemy. Law. evil intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others.

What are the 3 aspects of malice?

These are: negligently, recklessly, knowingly and purposefully.

  • Negligence means that the person should be aware that their actions could result in harm to another.
  • Recklessly is when the person knew or should have known that their actions would result in harm to another.

What is an example of malice?

Malice is defined as bad will or the desire to do bad things to another person. An example of malice is when you hate someone and want to seek revenge. Active ill will; desire to harm another or to do mischief; spite.

Who shows malice?

The words a defendant uses or a plan that he or she expresses can directly show malice. Other facts and circumstances, like the deliberate use of a deadly weapon, can also establish this state of mind. (Doss v. Com., 479 S.E.2d 92 (Va.

What is pure malice?

1 : desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another an attack motivated by pure malice. 2 : intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse ruined her reputation and did it with malice.

What is the difference between malice and malicious?

Malicious, Malevolent, and Malice But while malevolent suggests deep and lasting dislike, malicious usually means petty and spiteful. Malice is an important legal concept, which has to be proved in order to convict someone of certain crimes such as first-degree murder.

What is malicious act?

The term “Malicious acts” refers to risks of human origin, caused either deliberately or through voluntary lack of action, with the intent to harm a person, organization or property.

Who is a malicious person?

Someone who is malicious enjoys hurting or embarrassing others. If you’re writing a book about good and evil, you’ll want to come up with a truly malicious character to do all the bad stuff. Malicious is the adjective based on the noun malice, which means the desire to harm others.

Can I sue for malicious intent?

Difference between Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process. A plaintiff can sue for malicious prosecution when a defendant “maliciously” prosecutes a criminal case or uses a civil proceeding against the plaintiff when the defendant knows he or she doesn’t have a case.

What’s another word for malicious?

What is another word for malicious?

malevolent malignant
spiteful vicious
hateful pernicious
rancorous vengeful
resentful baleful

What is a word for malicious intent?

What is another word for malicious intent?

evil intention bad intention
malevolent intent nefarious intention
sinister intention villainous intention
wicked intention villainous scheme
wicked scheme

What is the difference between malicious and vindictive?

As adjectives the difference between malicious and vindictive. is that malicious is of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite while vindictive is having a tendency to seek revenge when , vengeful.

What is the opposite word of malicious?

Opposite of in a malicious manner, or for malicious reasons. benevolently. benignantly. good-heartedly. kindheartedly.

Is Malintent a word?

Although technically not a real word, I think the meaning of ‘malintent’ is pretty clear. ‘Mal’ is a prefix that means bad or wrongful, as in malevolent; thus malintent means having harmful or malicious intent.

What does vitriolic mean?

adjective. (of a substance, esp a strong acid) highly corrosive. severely bitter or caustic; virulentvitriolic criticism. WORD OF THE DAY. inimicaladjective | [ih-nim-i-kuhl ] SEE DEFINITION.