What would the ribosomes be in a city?

What would the ribosomes be in a city?

The ribosomes would be would be the numerous factories of cell city. In cells they have the important role of synthesizing protein. Protein has many applications in the body, making it a vital. Examples include building muscle, repairing, and other bodily functions.

What is an analogy for ribosomes?

An analogy for ribosomes is a factory. Ribosomes are like a factory because they produce protein for the cell. Ribosomes make protein for all cells. …

How does the analogy of a cell to a town?

The Cell Membrane is like a City border because it controls what goes in and out of the city. The Nucleus is like the City Hall of the City because it controls most of the city by sending out information that it needs to function. The jellylike area between the nucleus and the cell membrane is called the cytoplasm.

What can ribosomes be compared to?

The ribosomes in a cell are like the kitchen in a house. In the kitchen, meals are cooked and prepared. It is similar to ribosomes using amino acids to make proteins. A cell’s vacuole can be compared to a refrigerator.

What part of the human body is similar to ribosomes?


What stores things in a human body?

The cytoplasm can be represented as the muscles in our body. This is because the muscles do take up a fair amount of space in our body and it holds the things in our body together. The cytoplasm does the same thing for it’s cell. The Cell Membrane can be represented as the skin of the human body.

What organ is the mitochondria like?


What part of the human body is like the vesicle?

human liver

What are the three types of vesicles?

Vesicles are tiny sacs that transport material within or outside the cell. There are several types of vesicle, including transport vesicles, secretory vesicles, and lysosomes.

What is bad about the vesicles?

Secretory vesicles are those that contain material that is to be excreted from the cell. Thus, these vesicles may contain material that is harmful for the cell, and hence, there is need to get rid of it. So, it may contain waste products or end products of reactions in the cell.

What does vesicular mean in English?

1 : containing, composed of, or characterized by vesicles vesicular lava. 2 : having the form or structure of a vesicle. 3 : of or relating to vesicles.

How does ribosome work?

Ribosomes are the sites in a cell in which protein synthesis takes place. Within the ribosome, the rRNA molecules direct the catalytic steps of protein synthesis — the stitching together of amino acids to make a protein molecule. In fact, rRNA is sometimes called a ribozyme or catalytic RNA to reflect this function.

What does the Golgi apparatus do simple?

The Golgi apparatus is responsible for transporting, modifying, and packaging proteins and lipids into vesicles for delivery to targeted destinations. As the secretory proteins move through the Golgi apparatus, a number of chemical modifications may transpire.

What is a Golgi apparatus Kid definition?

The Golgi apparatus is an organelle that acts as the packaging center of the cell. It takes in protein, modifies it, and then places it in shipping containers called vesicles. The Golgi apparatus also makes lysosomes, which are organelles that contain digestive enzymes.

What is similar to a Golgi apparatus?

The Golgi apparatus or Golgi complex is found in most cells. It is another packaging organelle like the endoplasmic reticulum (ER).