When did Donna leave NYPD Blue?

When did Donna leave NYPD Blue?

O’Grady, 34, exited “NYPD Blue” after its 1995-96 season to make movies and star in her own TV sitcom.

How long was Donna on NYPD Blue?


Year Title Role
1993–1999 NYPD Blue Donna Abandando
1996 The Gail O’Grady Show Gail
2001 Ally McBeal Helena Fisher
2002–2005 American Dreams Helen Pryor

Why did Gail Ogrady leave NYPD Blue?

Her role on the show began to shrink as Gail appeared in a number of TV movies and miniseries (though there’s some question as to which of the two is the cause and which is the effect), and she eventually decided to leave “Blue” after signing a deal to do a sitcom for Fox, though the show never made it past the pilot …

How many seasons was Gail Ogrady on NYPD Blue?


Year Title Notes
1993-1996, 1999 NYPD Blue Series regular, 58 episodes
1996 The Gail O’Grady Show TV pilot
1997 That Old Feeling
1997 The Three Lives of Karen TV Movie

Who played Gina NYPD Blue?

James Martinez was a fictional character in the television series NYPD Blue. He was played by Nicholas Turturro from Seasons 1 to 7….James Martinez (NYPD Blue)

James Martinez
Spouse Gina Colon Martinez
Children James Martinez, Jr.

How old is Sharon Lawrence?

60 years (June 29, 1961)
Sharon Lawrence/Age

What happened to Greg and Donna on NYPD Blue?

He had an affair with Donna Abandando, the squad receptionist, and Medavoy’s existing marriage made the relationship difficult. After the pressure became too much for Abandando to cope with, she ended things with Greg, who tried unsuccessfully to return to his marriage.

Who played Candys mom on 2 1 2 Men?

Gail Ann O’Grady
Gail Ann O’Grady (born January 23, 1963) is an American television actress. She is best known for her roles as Donna Abandando on NYPD Blue. She played Mandi, Kandi’s mother, in the season 3 episodes “Golly Moses, She’s a Muffin” and “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro”.

What happened to Dennis Franz?

After the end of the show in 2005, Franz retired from acting to focus on his private life. He has told the New York Post he would be interested in returning to acting if given the right opportunity. He and his wife spend their summers in their lake home in northern Idaho.

What happens to Katie Sipowicz on NYPD Blue?

Theo’s mom Sylvia Costas-Sipowicz (as played by Sharon Lawrence) also died tragically; she was shot and killed at the end of Season 6. Her final words to husband Andy were, “Take care of the baby.” The revival is being shepherded by Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton, both of whom worked on the original NYPD Blue.

Who is Gail O’Grady from NYPD Blue?

Gail O’Grady. Gail O’Grady was born on January 23, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan, USA as Gail Ann O’Grady. She is an actress, known for NYPD Blue (1993), Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) and She’s Having a Baby (1988). She was previously married to John Stamatakis, Anthony J Pellegrino, Steve Fenton, Severin Wunderman, Jeffrey Byron and Richard Dasko.

Who is the actress in NYPD Blue?

Gail O’Grady. Gail O’Grady at the Emmy Awards in 1994. Gail Ann O’Grady (born January 23, 1963), an American actress and producer, is best known for her roles on television. Her roles include Donna Abandando in the ABC police drama NYPD Blue, and Helen Pryor in the NBC drama series American Dreams.

Where was Gail O’Grady born and raised?

Gail O’Grady. Gail O’Grady was born on January 23, 1963 in Detroit, Michigan, USA as Gail Ann O’Grady.

What was the name of the movie Gail O Grady produced?

Gail produced the 2004 drama movie “Tricks”. She’s received special thanks for the 2002 documentary film “Inside ‘NYPD Blue’: A Decade on the Job”, and the 2005 documentary movie “’NYPD Blue’: A Final Tribute”.