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When should scanning be used?

When should scanning be used?

Scanning is a reading technique to be used when you want to find specific information quickly. In scanning you have a question in your mind and you read a passage only to find the answer, ignoring unrelated information. How to Scan: * State the specific information you are looking for.

What’s the meaning of scanning?

verb (used with object), scanned, scan·ning. to glance at or over or read hastily: to scan a page. to examine the particulars or points of minutely; scrutinize. to read (data) for use by a computer or computerized device, especially using an optical scanner.

What is scanning and example?

What is scanning? Scanning a text means looking through it quickly to find specific information. Scanning is commonly used in everyday life, for example when looking up a word in a dictionary or finding your friend’s name in the contacts directory of your phone.

What is scanning and what are the tips for better scanning of a text?

Here are some other tips for scanning:

  • Use all your powers of concentration.
  • Scan for the two or three search terms that describe the information you want.
  • Use the Find command to scan a Web page.
  • Look at all italicized words.
  • Don’t be shy about using the table of contents and index.

How is skimming used in everyday life?

Use skimming to overview your textbook chapters or to review for a test. Use skimming to decide if you need to read something at all, for example during the preliminary research for a paper. Glance through the main headings in each chapter just to see a word or two. Read the headings of charts and tables.

What is skimming in banking?

Skimming fraud is a crime that occurs when an illegal device, such as a fake card slot, is installed at a card terminal such as an ATM or a gas pump. When a customer inserts a debit or credit card into the machine, this device “skims” account information from the card’s magnetic strip.

What are the similarities of skimming and scanning?

The similarities is that you are taking in information when you are skimming or scanning. Skimming is trying to get a feel for what the piece of text is about. It is like test-driving a car before buying the car. Scanning is looking for specific information within the text.

What is the same meaning of serious?

Some common synonyms of serious are earnest, grave, sedate, sober, solemn, and staid. While all these words mean “not light or frivolous,” serious implies a concern for what really matters.

What is the same meaning of skim?

skim, skip, skitter(verb) cause to skip over a surface. “Skip a stone across the pond” Synonyms: plane, skip over, bound off, hop, scurry, scan, decamp, skim over, vamoose, skim off, hop-skip, run down, cut, scuttle, glance over, pass over, skitter, cream, rake, cream off, skip, scamper, jump.

What’s another word for sleepy?

What is another word for sleepy?

drowsy lethargic
tired dozy
languid languorous
sluggish somnolent
torpid comatose