Where are RNA polymerase found?

Where are RNA polymerase found?


In which of the following organelles RNA polymerase is found?

Eukaryotic RNA polymerases can be found in the nucleus and in cellular organelles….RNA Polymerases.

Source Number of subunits in core Sizes (kDa)
Human and yeast mitochondria 1 140
Spinach and mustard chloroplastc 1 110
4 154, 120, 78, 38

Does RNA polymerase leave the nucleus?

Once RNA polymerase is done, the mRNA transcript has to be processed before it can make its journey out of the nucleus and to the ribosome. Processing has two phases: protection and splicing.

Where is RNA polymerase II found?


Is RNA polymerase II a protein?

RNA Polymerase I and RNA Polymerase III in Eukaryotes RNA polymerases I, II, and III are large and complex proteins, consisting of 14, 12, and 17 subunits, respectively. Five of these subunits are shared, and a further two are found in RNA polymerases I and III, but not in RNA polymerase II.

Do humans have RNA polymerase?

Summary: The presence of mechanisms that copy RNA into RNA, typically associated with an enzyme called RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, has only been documented in plants and simple organisms, such as yeast, and implicated in regulation of crucial cellular processes. …

Do humans use RNA?

Humans have four kinds of rRNAs. Transfer RNA, or tRNA, decodes the genetic information held in the mRNA and helps add amino acids to a growing protein chain. Scientists estimate that human cells have more than 500 different tRNAs.

Can RNA be copied?

But scientists have been unable to get RNA molecules to copy other RNA sequences, a job performed in the modern biochemical world by protein enzymes called RNA polymerases. That activity would be a critical component of an RNA world.