Where can I kitesurf in Kenya?

Where can I kitesurf in Kenya?

Kitesurfing Holidays In Kenya Are Mostly Focused Around Diani Beach And Nyali Beach. Generally There Is Not A Huge Amount Of Kitesurfing Equipment In These Resorts And The Equipment Tends To Be A Mixture Of New And Older Gear.

How much does it cost to go kite surfing?

Therefore, you can expect to spend more or less $400 to $800 USD on learning to kitesurf depending on how many hours you need. Some schools have a fixed rate for lessons and no matter how many lessons you take, the price stays the same.

Is kite surf hard?

How difficult is it to learn kitesurfing? While you can learn to kitesurf in a few days to a couple of weeks, the learning curve is steep. You need to acquire two different and interacting skillsets, kite flying and board riding. Both involve strong coordination and balancing abilities.

Why is kite surfing so expensive?

About the materials used to make kites. And those long-long kite-lines are no shoelace either. Both are made of very strong yet lightweight materials and this combination gets only more and more expensive when the materials get stronger and lighter.

Is kitesurfing a good workout?

Although you can easily kitesurf without being an athletic person at all, kitesurfing can give you a very intense workout depending on wind and water conditions and on your riding style. It’s more a muscular than aerobic kind of workout, heavily exercising your core muscles and lower back, quads and calves.

What is death loop kiteboarding?

Death loop accidents are occasional events in which a kiteboarder gets seriously hurt or even dies after not being able to stop an uncontrolled kite loop. The death loop occurs when riders don’t release their kite or simply don’t have a chance to activate the safety mechanism.

Which is the best beach for kitesurfing in Kenya?

Diani Beach / Galu part, is one of the best kitesurfing locations, is good for beginners and advanced kite boarders. Wide, sandy beach, stable and constant wind, warm waters of Indian Ocean are going to make your stay incredible kitesurfing holidays. How to find us? Find us on the google map!

Where is kitemotion kitesurfing school located in Kenya?

KiteMotion is a professional kite school based in beautiful Diani Beach / Galu. We offer variety of services to meet the needs of every person. Check our promos, book kite course and get free accommodation and more!

When is the best time to go kitesurfing?

Kiteboarding seasons run from mid of December till begging of March and June till beginning of September. The school provides classes for all kitesurfing levels, starting from beginners, intermediate, advanced kiteboarders. In our school we use only new gear and radios to provide you the best kitesurfing experience.