Where does Crispin the Cross of Lead take place?

Where does Crispin the Cross of Lead take place?


What is the plot in Crispin the Cross of Lead?

It is about a young boy called Crispin, who is declared a fugitive by the steward of his village. He runs away and is hunted by the steward and his men. He meets a friend called Bear and travels with him to the city, where he learns the truth about himself and manages to win his freedom.

Where is Asta’s son’s father?

Hover for more information. According to Asta, Crispin’s father died in a plague. When she was alive, Asta chose not to reveal much about Crispin’s father to Crispin. She would only say that the man died in what the people of Stromford called “The Great Mortality.”

What is Bear’s real name in Crispin?

Bear (real name: Orson Hrothgar): A juggler by trade, his true purpose is to gauge the possibility of a successful revolt and act as eyes and ears for John Ball and other reformers. Crispin: Thirteen-year-old son of Asta, a cottar.

Who is Asta’s son?


Who is the one eyed man in Crispin?

John Aycliffe

Why does Crispin disobey bear and leave him?

Why does Crispin disobey Bear and leave the Green Man Tavern? Crispin leaves the tavern because he is too excited by the life of the city around him and has to see it on his own.

What did Father Quinel give Asta’s son?

wolf’s head

Why did Aycliffe remove bear?

John Aycliffe is related to Lady Furnival. She wants to keep all the estate her husband left, so John Aycliffe has the order to kill Crispin to keep him from inheriting land and title. Crispin breaks into the castle of Lord Furnival to save Bear.

Is Crispin the Cross of Lead a movie?

Here’s an entry in the “90-Second Newbery” Film Festival, presenting Crispin: The Cross of Lead, silent movie style. Watch an interview with Avi in which he talks about writing, reading, and his symptoms of dyslexia.

Why is Crispin labeled a wolf’s head?

Crispin is labeled a “wolf’s head” because John Aycliffe declared him as that, and because it means anyone may kill him, which is why they burned his house.

How did Crispin lose bears dagger?

Crispin decides he’ll try to get out of the city and strike out on his own, figuring Bear will never forgive him for leaving the room and losing the dagger.

What is the theme of Crispin the Cross of Lead?

Crispin – The Cross of Lead deals with different topics: religion, trust, loyalty, sacrifice, freedom, friendship, courage, nobility, social hierarchy, and fate. The most important ones are friendship and fate. Crispin and Bear both fight against their fate.

Does Crispin die?

Having been accused of stealing two gold pieces by the sacristan mayor, Crispin related his worries to his brother. When the sacristan mayor suddenly arrived and began beating them, Crispin was unable to escape while Basilio fled. He later went missing, presumably killed by the sacristan mayor and Padre Salvi.

What did Crispin realize when he eavesdrop on bear and Johnball?

What does Crispin conclude about Bear after eavesdropping on his conversation with John Ball? He concludes that Bear is engaged in a rebellion.

What did Crispin fear he would learn about his father?

In Crispin: The Cross of Lead, Crispin feared he would learn that his father was a criminal, a traitor, or someone who had been excommunicated from the Church. Essentially, he feared that his father would bring shame to him.

What did Crispin see in the forest after his mother’s burial?

Crispin sees a stranger with grey hair talking to Richard Aycliffe, the steward. According to the text, Crispin sees the stranger hand a document to Richard Aycliffe.

What did bear teach Crispin?

Bear teaches Crispin how to use a dagger.

Why is Bear at great Wexly?

Crispin believes it is because of his involvement in the secret meeting with John Ball and the other leaders of the revolt. Indeed, John Ball and his fellow conspirators worry that Bear will betray them if tortured. It is clear that Bear has crucial knowledge of the conspiracy.

What was the reason bear give for taking Crispin as a servant?

He wants him to become his apprentice. This means that he wants crispin to learn from him.

Why did Bear not become a priest?

Bear has a rather unique perspective in life because he spent several years as a monastic, training to become a priest. During his time in the monastery, Bear was removed from the context of peasant life and had the opportunity to realize that the noble-peasant relationship was one of exploitation.

What is a lead cross?

Lead cross, replica of that taken from the graves of victims of the plague in London, original 17th century. How did graveyards and cemeteries cope with the vast number of burials during epidemics such as the Black Death? Most often bodies were piled in mass burial pits deep underground.

WHO declared Crispin as a wolf’s head?

Where did Crispin meet bear?

Great Wexly

What does Crispin buy with his penny?

When at first, Crispin is telling us what a difficult life he and his mother led, he tells that his mother’s wages were. Hers were a penny a day and she could buy full loaves of bread on this. So specifically. a quarter of a penny would be worth a loaf of bread.

What does it mean to be declared a wolf’s head?

The Latin term literally means “wolf’s head” or “wolfish head”, and refers to a person considered to be an outlaw, as in, e.g., the phrase caput gerat lupinum (“may he wear a wolfish head” / “may his be a wolf’s head”).

What does bear look like in Crispin?

Crispin describes Bear as a monstrous man with massive hands, but Bear is not only physically large. He is also a man of very big ideas – particularly for the time. Bear dreams of a better world and an end to the feudal system and uses his freedom of movement to help orchestrate that change.

What name did bear dub Crispin?

“I, Bear of York . . . do dub [or name] this boy, Crispin of Stromford, a full member of the guild of free men.” At the end, Crispin is “named” by someone he cares about and who cares about him, and he is “named” free.

What happens at the end of Crispin?

Having at last escaped the evil John Aycliffe, Crispin and Bear leave Great Wexly to the sound of their own music and singing. Having defeated Aycliffe, Crispin is full of joy and declares that he has found both his soul and his name.

How does Crispin show courage at the end of the book?

How does Crispin show courage at the end of the book? Crispin rescues Bear and he confronts John Aycliffe.