Where is Ashley Benson from?

Where is Ashley Benson from?

Anaheim Hills, California, United States
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What does Ashley Benson do?

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How old is Ashley Benson?

31 years (December 18, 1989)
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What size is Ashley Benson?

1.63 m
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How old is Cara?

29 years (August 12, 1992)
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When was pretty little liars made?

June 8, 2010
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Does Ashley Benson have a drug problem?

“There are drugs and alcohol in my family on both sides, so I’ve seen lives ruined, going to jail and all that,” she confessed. “Once you start with any drug, it can be an addiction – that’s why I never want to start and am not even tempted, because that chain is relentless.

Who was Ashley Benson first kiss?

But for Ashley Benson, her first-ever kiss occurred on set for Days of Our Lives. The actress shared the details during an interview on Conan. “I had my cousin drive me that day. I didn’t want my mom there,” she shared, noting that the person she kissed was in his mid-20s, while she was just 15 years old.

Who is G-Eazy dating?

It seems there’s no limit to where things could be heading for new couple G-Eazy and Josie Canseco. Multiple sources exclusively confirm to E! News that the two stars are newly dating, following the pair having recently been spotted getting cozy during a number of public outings.

How old was Sasha Pieterse in PLL Season 1?

1. Sasha Pieterse was 12 years old when she landed the role of Alison DiLaurentis. It’s been alluded to in interviews that she got a little thrifty with her age in order to actually get the part, and by the time the PLL bigwigs realised how old she really was, she’d already shot the pilot.

How tall is Ashley Benson ft?

Is Ashley Benson and Cara?

The couple has split after two years of dating. Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson have reportedly split up after two years of dating. “Cara and Ashley always had their ups and down before, but it’s over now,” a source told People magazine in May 2020. “Their relationship just ran its course.”

What religion is Ashley Benson?

Ashley Benson was born and raised in Anaheim Hills, California. Benson is a Christian , and appears to be rather devout, although I have no clue on a denomination. Several sites claim she attended a 2,500-member church, 1 2 so maybe she comes from mega-church, evangelical ilk.

What ethnicity is Ashley Benson?

Ashley Benson was born on December 18, 1989, in Anaheim Hills , Anaheim, California. She holds American nationality and belongs to mixed (English, German, Irish, and Danish) ethnicity.

How did Ashley Benson become famous?

Ashley Benson is a famous American actress, model, and dancer who is best known from her role of Hanna Marin in the popular thriller TV Series Pretty Little Liars . She gains huge fame from the TV Show Days of Our Lives as Abigail Deveraux which was aired on NBC. Ashley made her acting debut with Nikki as Dancer in 2002.

Is Ashley Benson in supernatural?

Years before she was Hanna on Pretty Little Liars , Ashley Benson appeared in Supernatural for an episode. It was the Halloween special of Season 4, which saw her take on the role of a college student that turned out to be a witch.