Which Chinese cultural values are revealed by the passage two kinds?

Which Chinese cultural values are revealed by the passage two kinds?

In the passage from “Two Kinds,” the little Chinese girl suggests the Chinese values her mother expects the author to follow, such as composure, self-discipline and submission to the will and authority of her parents.

Which statement best explains the cultural conflict that occurs between the mother and daughter in two kinds?

Which statement best explains the cultural conflict that occurs between the mother and the daughter in “Two Kinds”? The mother has moved to the United States from China and wants to preserve the Chinese family structure, but the daughter wants independence like an American teenager.

What cultural value does the author impact through the character of the son?

What cultural value does the author impart through the character of the son? regard for the preservation of natural resources. concern for the administration of fair punishments. respect for the wisdom of the medicine men.

Which conflicts are revealed in the passage two kinds?

an internal conflict within the narrator, who is frightened by the extremity of her anger at her mother an external conflict between the narrator, who is demanding independence, and her mother, who is demanding obedience an external conflict between the narrator and her mother over whether or not the narrator will …

What causes the conflict between the characters in this passage two kinds?

The mother demands obedience, no matter the situation. The mother believes that her daughter is not trying her best, and the daughter disagrees. …

What conflict occurs in the passage an internal conflict within the mother who wishes she could buy more things for her family?

an internal conflict within the mother, who wishes she could buy more things for her family an internal conflict within the narrator, who wants to perform better than the little girl on the talent show an external conflict between the narrator and her mother over whether the girl on television is playing well an …

What conflict occurs in this passage rules of the game?

The primary conflict in this passage is between Lindo and Meimei. Meimei is annoyed at Lindo for Lindo’s critiques, which she finds illogical. This miscommunication is an external conflict.

Which details suggest that the narrator is struggling with an internal conflict?

“Too late change this.” The details which suggest that the narrator is struggling with an internal conflict are: “As I said these things I got scared.”

How is the passage An example of an internal conflict?

It describes the narrator’s inability to stop playing when she wants to do so. It describes the narrator’s unexpected enjoyment of performing in front of an audience. It describes the narrator’s thoughts and feelings as she struggles through a poor performance.

Which of the following is an example of internal conflict?

An internal conflict is an example with oneself – so the correct answer is 3)character vs. self.

Which is the best example of an internal conflict?

With internal conflicts, you might feel a clash between competing desires. For example, an alcoholic may struggle not to reach for the bottle of bourbon. That person knows they need to stop drinking, but the desire to drink is very strong, leading to an intense internal struggle.

What is an example of external conflict?

The man’s struggle against the cold and the snow is an example of an external conflict between a character and nature.

What is a main conflict?

In a story, the central conflict is defined as the main opposition, obstacle or complication that characters need to navigate in order for the story to reach a conclusion. ‘Conflict’ isn’t necessarily a synonym for warlike or violent opposition and struggle, though.

What are 6 types of conflict?

The 6 Types of Literary Conflict

  • Character vs. Self. This is an internal conflict, meaning that the opposition the character faces is coming from within.
  • Character vs. Character.
  • Character vs. Nature.
  • Character vs. Supernatural.
  • Character vs. Technology.
  • Character vs. Society.

What is ponyboy’s main conflict?

major conflict Against the background of the clash between the poor greasers and the rich Socs, the greaser Ponyboy struggles to mature. rising action Johnny kills a Soc; Johnny and Ponyboy flee; tension mounts between the greasers and Socs.

How do you write a good conflict?

9 Ways to Create Conflict in Fiction Writing

  1. Determine what kind of conflict your story needs.
  2. Decide what your character wants, then put an obstacle in their way.
  3. Create characters with opposing values.
  4. Create a powerful antagonist.
  5. Sustain the conflict’s momentum through the middle of the story.

How do you start a conflict essay?

Remember to start your essay with a “hook” – a question, a quote, or a statistic, for example that will introduce the conflict you’ll be analyzing. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that states a main point, and then support that point with three or four of your examples from your initial research.

What cultural value is revealed through the mother’s words two kinds?

-Answer: The cultural value that is revealed through the mother’s words is option A. the Chinese value that children should obey their parents. -Explanation: In the text “Two Kinds”, the passage for this question reads: “You want me to be something that I’m not!” I sobbed.

What is the cultural value?

Cultural values are what shape society, and shape and influence the people who live within that society; differences in cultural values between society and the individuals within can lead to problems such as culture clash, disagreements, and more.

What do you think culture provides in making a decent life?

Culture provides us with ideas, ideals and values to lead a decent life. A cultural heritage means all the aspects or values of culture transmitted to human beings by their ancestors to the next generation.

How do you introduce a culture?

Your cultural traditions can be shared through storytelling, music, song, dance, or art. You can also help bridge the gap by sharing aspects of your social influences. As you meet new people in the USand start to form connections and friendships, you may take part in their celebrations or significant life events.

What are the problems in study of culture?

Equating ethnic status with distinctive cultural characteristics is highly problematic. Central to the problem is the common finding of significant variation within ethnic groups in values, beliefs, and practices—variations that can often exceed the magnitude of differences between groups.

Why is culture ideational?

CULTURE IS IDEATIONAL  Culture is an ideal pattern of behavior which the members are expected to follow. Man assigns meanings to his environment and experiences by symbolizing them. These are internalized by the individual and sees or approaches his world from the standpoint of this culture (Panopio, 1994).

What is ideal culture vs real culture?

Ideal culture refers to the practices, values or norms that society is supposed to follow or desires to achieve. This can be distinguished from the real culture which refers to practices and norms that culture actually follows.

What are the 7 elements of culture?

  • Social Organization.
  • Language.
  • Customs and Traditions.
  • Religion.
  • Arts and Literature.
  • Forms of Government.
  • Economic Systems.

What are 5 cultural characteristics?

Culture has five basic characteristics: It is learned, shared, based on symbols, integrated, and dynamic. All cultures share these basic features.

What are the six cultural traits?

Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of Culture

  • Power Distance Index (high versus low).
  • Individualism Versus Collectivism.
  • Masculinity Versus Femininity.
  • Uncertainty Avoidance Index (high versus low).
  • Long- Versus Short-Term Orientation.
  • Indulgence Versus Restraint.

What do all cultures have in common?

All cultures have characteristics such as initiations, traditions, history, values and principles, purpose, symbols, and boundaries.

What are the 9 Universals of culture?

There are Nine Universals of Culture which are the major areas that define one cultural group from the next. They are Material Culture; Arts, Play and Recreation; Social Organization; Language and Non-Verbal Communication; Social Control; Conflict and Warfare; Education; World View; and Economic Organization.

Do all cultures have some values in common?

But, are there some things that ALL cultures have in common? YES! These are called cultural universals.

What defines common culture?

common culture. A belief or behavior, that is shared between two or more groups, people or countries. both American and Britain speak English. English is a common culture between these two countries.

What are cultural traits example?

Cultural Traits and Tradition Cultural traits are things that allow one part of a culture to be transmitted to another. For example, the famous football chant of ”Ole, Ole, Ole” likely arose in Spain but has since become a cultural trait of many soccer fans around the world.

How does culture shape who we are?

Our culture shapes the way we work and play, and it makes a difference in how we view ourselves and others. It affects our values—what we consider right and wrong. This is how the society we live in influences our choices. But our choices can also influence others and ultimately help shape our society.

What are the elements of culture?

The major elements of culture are symbols, language, norms, values, and artifacts. Language makes effective social interaction possible and influences how people conceive of concepts and objects.