Which is correct semi-final or semi-finals?

Which is correct semi-final or semi-finals?

Semifinal is the noun and its another form is semi-final. The word means a competition just before the final tournament or the last round before the elimination round. We can use the word semi-final as an adjective.

Does Semi-Final have a hyphen?

Semifinal and semi-final mean the same thing. Using or not using the hyphen is a stylistic choice. But what you read about UK vs US spelling appears to be accurate: The dashed one may be preferred in the UK and Ireland, but France, Spain, Germany and the rest of the countries of Europe use their own words.

Should Semi-Finals be capitalized?

Other terms: “Runner-up”, “1st place”, “semi-finalist” and other such terms do not qualify for capitalization (except at the beginning of a sentence like this one). Hyphenate “runner-up”, “semi-finalist” and “quarter-finalist”, as they are compound nouns (but usually not fully-compounded – avoid “quarterfinalist”).

What is a semi-final game?

: a match or game coming before the final round in a tournament. More from Merriam-Webster on semifinal.

What is the meaning of semi-final match?

A semi-final is one of the two matches or races in a competition that are held to decide who will compete in the final. The semi-finals is the round of a competition in which these two matches or races are held.

Which is first final or semi-final?

noun. A match or round of a competition immediately preceding the final, the winner of which goes on to the final. ‘The top two teams in each division will play off in a semi-final followed by a final to decide the winners. ‘

What does Supervene mean?

intransitive verb. : to follow or result as an additional, adventitious, or unforeseen development.

What does the word prepaid mean?

transitive verb. : to pay or pay the charge on in advance. Other Words from prepay Example Sentences Learn More about prepay.

Is prepaid a real word?

verb (used with object), pre·paid, pre·pay·ing. to pay or arrange to pay beforehand or before due: to prepay the loan.

Is prepaid or pre-paid?

Re: pre-paid vs. prepaid. Since Google does not “see” a hyphen as a character, it is ignored in searches. Both forms are accepted and understood.

What does nonstop mean?

: done, made, or held without a stop : not easing or letting up. nonstop. Definition of nonstop (Entry 2 of 2) : a nonstop airplane flight.

Is nonstop informal?

Informal. without a pause or interruption or without respite; continually: My back ached nonstop for three days.

Is non stop a word?

The Associated Press’s stylebook states that “Nonstop is one word,” and the New York Times agrees. But “non-stop” isn’t so much a misspelling as a nonstandard spelling.

What is the word for continuing non stop?

incessant. interminable. round-the-clock. steady. unending.

What word means a very poor person?

1 needy, indigent, necessitous, straitened, destitute, penniless, poverty-stricken.